Brigadier-General Gal Hirsch Helps City of Elad To Fight Coronavirus


After about a month of close cooperation in the fight to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, a joint meeting was held in the city of Elad, between the city’s Mayor Israel Porush, his team, and Brigadier General (res.) Gal Hirsch.

As previously reported, Hirsch volunteered a month ago to help the city of Elad, and has been working since in various ways for the good of the city and its residents, helping to contain the COVID-19 and collaborating with numerous parties in and outside of the city.

In recent days, data on the first wave of the outbreak in Israel has been made public, showing that the rate of infections has declined sharply for the time being and further revealing that no new patients were tested positive for the virus in the pasted day.

At the same time, there is an increase in number of recovered patients, while most of the other patients have been evacuated to isolation-hotels for full recovery.

The steps that the city’s municipality will take in order to contain the possibility of a second outbreak of the virus were also discussed during the meeting.

Mayor Rabbi Israel Porush thanked Gal Hirsch for the great assistance he gave the city, voluntarily and in good faith, when it was needed it most. “You have shown us that in Israel there is room for unity and joint action in the face of significant challenges. I am very happy that with God’s help, we have managed to make it so far, but it is clear to me that more hard work will have to be done to maintain our achievements.”

It was also agreed that lessons have been learned and during the next week, all the divisional and municipal managers will prepare and optimize future plans of action accordingly, to prevent a second wave of the virus’s outbreak. Brigadier General (res.) Hirsch said during the meeting that he acknowledges the right to volunteer and assist: “I found good and dedicated people in the city of Elad, the residents of the city are precious and caring people, who cooperated to fight and stop the epidemic. I thank all the parties involved who helped and still help the city to cope and hope that we will return to normal soon. Special thanks to Mayor Rabbi Israel Porush, I came here to volunteer and found true friendship.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)