Agudah NJ Director Rabbi Avi Schnall Appointed By Governor Phil Murphy To The Governor’s Restart And Recovery Advice Council

Rabbi Avi Schnall, Director of Agudath Israel of New Jersey

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As New Jersey’s government contemplates it’s decisions on how to reopen the State, it invited Agudah’s New Jersey director Rabbi Avi Schnall to advise on the process vis-à-vis reopening it’s faith-based and social service institutions, giving the frum community a seat at the table.

On Friday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced the formation of his Restart and Recovery Advisory Council to advise on restarting New Jersey in the wake of the devastating coronavirus pandemic. The council is comprised of economic and civic leaders across New Jersey who will serve on one of nine subcommittees focusing on different areas of the State’s economy.

Rabbi Schnall’s appointment to the Social Services and Faith Committee is especially significant for the frum community as it struggles with the closure of its Shuls and yeshivos. As the only orthodox Jew on the committee, Rabbi Schnall will use the position to advocate strategies to allow Shuls to safely reopen their doors. Additionally, Rabbi Schnall will ensure that the concerns of yeshivos- some of which are unique amongst educational institutions- will be taken into account for as New Jersey formulates its policies going forward.

For his part, Rabbi Schnall was gratified by the appointment and thanked the Governor for including the frum community in the crucial decisions that will be made in the days ahead. “I am deeply humbled to be working with such an esteemed group of leaders” Rabbi Schnall said “and I hope to use our seat at the table to see to it that we can return to Tefillah and Talmud Torah d’rabim in the most efficient manner possible”.