SHOCKING: Dutch Rabbis Say Healthcare System Lets Elderly COVID-19 Patients Die

Conference of European Rabbis

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In a Zoom meeting of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) last week during which they discussed issues in their communities related to the coronavirus pandemic, Dutch rabbanim described the shocking behavior of their healthcare system towards coronavirus patients over 60, Arutz Sheva reported.

The head of the Amsterdam Beis Din, Rav Eliezer Wolff, and former Chief Rabbi of Amsterdam, Rav Aryeh Ralbag, said at the meeting: “[The Dutch healthcare system] doesn’t provide medical aid, certainly not ventilators, and to our great sorrow we have seen actual opposition, even in the Jewish nursing home. They don’t evacuate patients who require hospitalization, and since we were called in to help, unfortunately, we have lost another four elderly residents. They also speed up their deaths, by giving them high doses of morphine.”

The CER rabbanim offered the Dutch authorities to pay the expenses for a special doctor for the Jewish community as well as ventilators but their offer was refused.

“It’s extremely saddening to hear that specifically a country considered to be ‘progressive’ is insensitive to the value of life and even determinedly refuses any aid offered by others,” Rav Pinchas Goldschmidt, Chief Rabbi of Moscow and president of the CER, said.

There are currently 42,788 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the Netherlands and 5,456 fatalities. A total of 26 fatalities were from Beth Shalom, a Jewish nursing home in Amsterdam with 120 residents.

There are about 40,000 Jews in the Netherlands, a country with 17 million people.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What about the UK?
    The same thing is happening. The world should know what is happening here, the NHS (National Health Service) was always dysfunctional, backdated and understaffed, and now even more so. There is no value for life here, when the virus started the prediction was that if 20K die in the long run, we will be doing well. When we heard that, we were shocked; how can the govt predict such high numbers and say that we would be doing good with that? Now look at the numbers; The UK death rate is over 30K the highest in Europe and still going strong. Yet all the govt updates stress how well we are doing and how the NHS is coping…. The govt is extremely inconsistent with the lockdown, no police enforcing anything, tests only became available now (shkoyach!) and no following up of people that need to isolate, I personally know of elderly that were not given respirators since they were over age, there were also those that were neglected and died of hunger. So the UK govt should stop being in denial about the situation and start facing reality!

  2. It is consistent with legalizing Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and Mercy killings, while prohibiting shchita. Only human life is worthless, animal lives and their suffering must be prevented at all cost.

    These countries also create problems for milah. Protect a piece of skin and brief pain of the child, but later when the person is old or very ill, let the person die.

    These countries are good for animals, not humans.

  3. The Europeans have a serious demographic problem. There are not enough young people to keep their economies going and especially to support the elderly on pensions. Why would they allow a golden opportunity like this to go to waste? It reminds me of how Count Vladimir solved the problem of poverty in his kingdom. When informed that there were many poor people in his kingdom, he ordered a great hall to be built. He then arraigned a feast for all of his kingdom’s poor to attend. After all the poor people were inside the hall, he ordered the doors locked from the outside and set fire to the place. No more poor people. That is the usual European solution to a problem.