CYBER WARFARE: Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine Research Centers Hit In Multiple Cyberattacks

Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash

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Israeli research centers have been struck multiple times by cyberattacks in attempts to hinder Israel’s capabilities to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, Channel 12 News reported on Monday.

One of the attacks occurred last week, when hundreds of other Israeli websites were hacked in a mass cyberattack ahead of Quds Day.

Fortunately, the attacks, which were attempts to sabotage research and development of a vaccine for COVID-19 rather than steal information or data, were unsuccessful.

According to the report, Israel is aware of the identity of the attackers.

Cyberattacks have also been reported at coronavirus vaccine research centers in other countries, including the US and UK.

Israel’s security forces and firms have been on the alert for Iran-based cyberattacks in response to reports of the Israeli cyberattack last month on the computer system of the Shahid Rajaei Port, near the Strait of Hormuz.

Israel’s attack was reportedly in response to an Iranian attempt to hack Israel’s water infrastructure system in April. The attack caused a pump in the Sharon municipal water system in central Israel to cease operation, although it did resume operation shortly afterward.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)