Cyber Warfare: Two Of Israel’s Water Facilities Hit Again By Cyberattacks

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Israel’s Water Authority confirmed on Thursday that Israel’s water infrastructure has been attacked again by two recent cyberattacks but stressed that no damage was caused.

One of the cyberattacks targeted agricultural water pumps in the Galil HaElyon and the second targeted water infrastructure in the Mateh Yehudah area.

“These were two small drainage facilities in the agricultural sector that were immediately and independently repaired…by the local authorities…there was no disruption to service or actual effect,” the Water Authority stated.

In April, Iran attempted to hack computer systems that operate rural water distribution systems in Israel to increase the amount of chlorine in Israel’s drinking water to dangerous levels.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. A historical reminder::;
    Dafnah Sharfman: ‘Palestine in the Second World War: Strategic Plans and Political Dilemmas, the Emergence of a New Middle East,’ Apollo Books, 2014, p.86

    Another event organised by the Mufti in cooperation with German Intelligence , was a thankfully unsuccessful attempt to poison Tel Aviv’s water supply.
    During “Operation Atlas”, a unit of five paratroopers (three Germans and two Arabs) parachuted over Wadi Jericho on 6 October 1944, but were soon captured by the British.


    Wadi Qelt = נחל פרת – nachal-Prat