No Lesson Learned? School At Epicenter Of J-m Breakout Holds High School Grad. Party

MDA spokesperson

At least 100 students of the Hebrew Gymnasium high school in the Rechavia neighborhood of Jerusalem, where over 220 students and staff members contracted the coronavirus at the beginning of the second wave, participated in a graduation party at the school on Sunday night, some without masks or adhering to social distancing regulations, Ynet reported.

The party was held with the knowledge and participation of staff members, in direct contradiction to the current ban on gatherings of over 10 people.

The outbreak in the school at the end of May led to a general outbreak among Jerusalem residents, including at least one woman who ended up in the ICU, and even spilled over into the Chareidi community, when a student in the largest Chareidi girls’ high school in Jerusalem caught the virus from her father who works at the school, causing hundreds of girls and teachers to enter quarantine.

The school defended its actions by saying that all students had their temperatures checked at the door and hand sanitizer gel was supplied to all participants.

“The event took place without the consent or knowledge of the municipality,” the Jerusalem Municipality stated.

Ynet also reported on a mass illicit party held in a forest in central Israel over the weekend that was raided by Israel Police.

The party, attended by hundreds of young people in the forest near Modi’in, was traced by the police on social media. The police dispersed the crowd and issued fines to the participants.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)