COVID MIRACLE: COVID-19 Attributed To Saving The Life of 20-Year-Invalid

MDA evacuates COVID-19 patients with its new ambulance-bus. (Photo: MDA)

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A Jerusalem woman, the wife of a well-known Talmid Chacham, contracted a devastating virus twenty years ago which attacked her body, leading to many of her bodily systems shutting down. She has been laying in a coma-like state ever since and no medical treatment has been effective.

To everyone’s horror, the woman, who was of course a high-risk patient, contracted COVID-19 and her situation became dire. When her condition worsened and she needed to be ventilated, her doctors and family members lost all hope that she would survive.

But then something shocking occurred. The woman successfully fought off the coronavirus, regained consciousness, was weaned from the ventilator and succeeded in rising from her bed for the first time in 20 years. She had a complete recovery not only from the coronavirus but also from the virus that had plagued her for 20 years.

The stunned doctors ordered a battery of tests which revealed that the coronavirus had taken control of her bodily systems and had “eaten” her previous virus and destroyed it.

The family members felt it was a mitzvah to publicize this miraculous story and it was published in the Hebrew Yated Ne’eman.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Curious, that the two places I’ve seen this story both attribute it to the Hebrew Yated Ne’eman.
    You would think a story of such importance, would be written up or at least announced in some medical journal.
    Sorry for being a little cynical, if true I hope the medical field can study this for potential other yeshuos.