Ashdod: Fast Day Declared after Sefer Torah R”L Fell


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stoDuring Simchas Torah tefilos in the Shatz Beis Medrash in Ashdod a Sefer Torah fell to the ground. Admor Rav David Moskowitz Shlita and leading rabbonim of the chassidus were present that they instructed mispallalim to observe erev Shabbos, 23 Tishrei 5774 as a fast day. Mispallalim who were present were also instructed to give pidyon tzedaka.

The rebbe told mispallalim that following the incident they must all be mechazeik in all matters pertaining to the Beis Knesses.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Does anyone know the inyan as to why we fast when a sefer torah is accidently dropped without any damage to the sefer but don’t fast when a sefer torah is damaged or destroyed by fire, flood or other events.