Israel: Number Of Serious Patients At Peak, Lockdown Likely To Be Extended Beyond 3 Weeks

Home Front Command soldiers in Jerusalem (IDF spokesperson)

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Israel’s Health Ministry confirmed 4,546 new coronavirus cases on Thursday morning. There are currently 45,488 active cases, with a record number of 579 seriously ill patients, of whom 140 are ventilated. Thirteen more deaths were recorded, raising the death toll to 1,163.

Israel’s government approved the final roster of regulations for the nationwide lockdown beginning on Friday, at 2 p.m.

Exceptions to the lockdown will be made on Rosh Hashanah for chazzanim and the many many people who will be blowing shofar in countless small minyanim and for those at home ill with the coronavirus or in quarantine as well as those in hospitals and coronavirus and quarantine hotels.

Following Rosh Hashanah, exceptions to the stay-at-home orders will be made to allow Israelis to leave their home for preparations for Sukkos, such as purchasing materials to build Sukkot and buying lulavim and esrogim, with Yom Tov needs being classified as essential items.

The lockdown will be enforced by 7,000 policemen and 1,000 IDF soldiers.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein warned on Wednesday in a meeting that the infection rate is not expected to significantly decrease during the lockdown but will hopefully at least halt the recent soaring increase in virus cases.

Edelstein also said in a private meeting that the lockdown will probably be extended beyond three weeks and that stricter regulations will likely be imposed, Army Radio reported on Thursday morning.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)