Watch: Emotional Conclusion Of Yom Kippur With Rav Berel Lazar In Moscow

Rav Berel Lazar (YouTube screenshot)

Throngs of Jews joined the Yom Kippur tefillos at the main shul in Moscow, the Marina Roscha shul, Kikar H’Shabbos reported.

In light of the coronavirus, gabbaim organized dozens of other minyanim for Yom Kippur in the same neighborhood as Marina Roscha in schools and public institutions.

The highlight of the day was at Neila, after the Chief Rabbi of Russia, HaRav Berel Lazar, spoke works of hisorerus and cried out Shema Yisrael at the end of the emotional tefillah followed by singing.

Over 30 Chabad houses in Moscow also arranged Yom Kippur tefillos in open areas for the benefit of the tens of thousand Jews in Moscow.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)