WATCH IT HAPPEN: Heshy Tishler Corners Hasidic Journalist, Calls Him “Rat, Moiser”; Kornbluh To Press Charges


Jacob Kornbluh, a reporter at the ‘Jewish Insider’ tweeted that he will be filing charges against Boro Park Community Activist Heshy Tischler for ‘incitement and physical assault’.

Kornbluh tweeted that he was a hit in the head and kicked while being called a “Nazi” by what he called an, “angry crowd of hundred of community members.”

A video (attached) shows Tischler calling Kornbluh a “Rat” and a “Moiser” and encouraging the crowd to do the same – exclaiming, “Everyone say moiser!”

People can be heard yelling “min darf eim hargenen” (We need to kill him).

At the time of YWN publishing this article, it had already turned into a national story, with many, many elected officials condemning the incident, as well as news reporters publishing videos on Twitter.

It’s not the first time Kornbluh has raised the ire of the community for highlighting coronavirus infractions, after reporting in April on a synagogue that was operating despite the lockdown.

Kornbluh and two other community members were targeted in fliers put up around the neighborhood declaring them “mosrim”.



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  1. Did our avos do this ever. In europe the gzeiros were this bad and far worse but we yidden accepted it as from Hashem, a sign that we must fix ourselves. I feel this stuff here shows lack of btachon, not to exclude my own weakness here, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves into justifying protests like this.
    If anything be moser nefesh to make private minyanim and talmud torah, like the tana R Akiva, not this nonsense.

    Until mashiach comes he goyim will not ever truly respect us, to not realize this is the mistake of the zionists – some of them had good intentions, but at the end of the day eisav soneh es yaakov, we can only turn to Hashem, no councilman/mayor/governor/president has any real power. We yiddin have the power to talk straight to Hashem and He does answer as I’m sure we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.
    Stay strong yiddin, gutten moed!

    I hope no one feels offended by my post, just sharing my thoughts on this stuff!

  2. Both of these people deserve each other. Duke it out. Anyone know why not starting the matter in Beis Din? Who is the moseir here?

  3. UM even if he is a moser (and it’s sounds like he is, unlike Berish Getz who it sounds like is not) even if he deserves to be beaten people should NOT be atacking him physically. Its illegal (its a chillul hashem) and it’s only hurting our ability to make our case. Heshy needs to think about what he is doing and get control of these protests to ensure there is no violence (and no fires)!!!! (of course everyone should continue to work to be mevatel the governor’s Shmad But not thru violence! Do it thru tefilla thru lawsuits thru nonviolent civil disobedience/protests petitions, political pressure or thru exploiting loopholes. (also it’s important to not let the tyranny and anti-semitism of the governor and mayor to distract us from the legitimate issues of both health and respect that are necessary to maintain (and to clarify respect is to those people in and out of the Jewish community who may be more or less concerned about the virus than we are it does not suggest a need to be respectful of the actual tyrants although maybe we should be anyway like Moshe with pharaoh ))

  4. Just because this genius is a “reporter” for some “jewish” rag, it does not give him the right to go to government officials and snitch on others.
    Of course it also does not give anyone else the right to lift a hand in response either.
    There are other ways to put such societal Uber beings in their place. For example, he can be barred from entering his shul. Let him daven at home with a mask forever, etc.
    Might give him some time alone to catch up on his English and writing skills.
    But don’t give goyim, government officials and outcasts like fat Jerry Wadler something to point to.
    And Jerry, this whole thing is a myth…..

  5. According our code of indexes (shilchon ourech) a musser who gives over details which closing our shuls, schools.etc. and those people ar not Denning it than we should not having a problem to lynch tham

  6. Kornbluh is a big fat liar
    He is on the payroll for CNN
    all his tweets yesterday were in draft before he came to instigate
    No one hit him
    Wolf wolf wolf

  7. Your friend,–I totally agree with every word you said. I am embarrassed by the behavior of these people. It mamish hurts to see this. Whatever happened to “dina demalchusah dina’? The gov’t (even the severely disliked mayor and governor) are not threatening our lives–they are simply asking us to avoid making other people sick. I hope and daven strongly that there will not be an uptick in corona after the yomim tovim are over. In some towns such South Bend, IN, the Jewish schools will be closed for two weeks after yom tov because so many people had guests that they don’t want children and teachers exposing anyone. Smart.

  8. I’m not a novi, but I said it to reporter, who stopped me on the way to shul Wednesday morning, the media will take one incident and use it define the entire 5 hours of people standing in the street milling around. Tuesday night they chased a guy taking pictures and some people had a fight with a another jewish man. So we saw it again last night. Basically last night was a Trump rally and simchas bais hashoaiva and one incident which you can even say was a personal fight, but that’s what the news media talks about. The reporter also asked if I knew Mr. Tischler I replied “he’s is own man and talks for himself” but after last night I think someone has to come down hard on him he’s only hurting our cause. Can I dare say he has become what Al Sharptan was to the black community.

  9. These Protests are a disgrace there are no rabbinim backing them up so who are they to decide to protest without daas torah. Its a massive chilul hasem its being reported everywhere and its sad that all jews will be judged by this small percentage of people acting like animals.We are in galus we are supposed to be lowkey this is hurting us more than it helps. I am ashamed to be a jew right now. Hopefully we can act properly and bring moshiach soon.

  10. Very very wrong if he was hit. This is not our way and causes a Chillul Hashem either way.
    But just wondering, IS HE A MOSER? because if someone can be defined as a Moser, there isn’t anything more serious than that, its really horrible, worse than the wild behavior in the videos. However, I’m not making any assumtions here, just saying.
    Also Where does @RepJerryNadler come into the picture? Who asked HIM???

  11. A Moiser is a Moiser is a Moiser.

    A Jew going to the authorities to report on other Jews is a backstabber, and is the lowest of the low.

  12. Why is a Moser so bad?

    For those same reasons Heshy Tischler is that bad!

    This was a huge Chilul Hashem! With devastating ripple results!

    Rabannim and Community leaders please stop Heshy Tischler and the likes of him.

    Please educate the community on the very valid justifiaction and need for masks, espeacially in indoor mass gathering!

    All lives matter to us! Lets not take safety lightly!

    This virus is primarily spread with droplets. When we speak and even breath we release moist droplets into the air from our moist nasal and oral cavities. Droplets fall to the ground after six feet of distance. A barrier such as a mask helps to stop and block a droplet from going into the surrounding air. 2 ppl wearing a mask is an added protection, as both masks can help block the droplet from becoming the air that the next person breaths. Therefore, everyone wearing masks, ppl standing six feet from one another and ppl trying not to talk while directly facing eachother helps reduce transmission. This is the basic Derech Hateveh facts!

    Remember, Unfortunately, with this virus many ppl are infectious but have no symptoms!

    Why is everyone refusing to comply with common sense safety precautions that protect our community first and foremost?

    Why are we refusing to understand?

    Is it simply because we find it an inconvenience?

    I think not risking one persons life is worth that inconvenience!

    Aren’t we the community that thousands will join in the efforts to find a child that is lost, or to save a life and so on.

    That is what wearing masks is!

    By not wearing masks we look like hypocrites!

    We made this happen to us, we proved to the government that we cannot be trusted! This is a big Chilul Hashem!

    To the world, it is black and white. To the world, not wearing a mask (especially in indoor mass gatherings) means that you don’t value ppls lives and you don’t care that you are risking ppl’s lives.

    Please wake up and see this for what it is!

  13. I totally agree with happy 2 be here all jews will now be judged based on the protests which isnt right. Also unless one has daas torah backing him who is he to do something drastic like this. Torah isnt just we learn in it shul then go to the outside world and leave it behind. Torah is a way of living ones whole life. So the same way we ask rabbanim questions in torah we have to ask them life questions. Being that daas torah isnt backing this up its totally wrong. opefully it stops and us jews become rational again and dont act like animals. Those people from the blm protest that destroyed stores that all of us looked at in shock that people can act that violent. Those people have become us how sad. This just increases reasons for the non jews to hate us.

  14. If Kornbluh is an informant, then he’ll pay the ultimate price. But we need to stand down or we’re considered BLM. Can Tishler stop encouraging rioting?! HES THE TZARAH ITSELF!!! All unnecessary Publicity is on his account. The antisemitism hes causing is egregious!
    Throw Tishler out of our community. Hes wreaking havoc on our communities!!!

  15. This Heshy Tischler is a Rasha gamur and the rabbanim have never excepted him. Can klal yisrael please know better. WE ARENT EISAV

  16. דא קני מה חסר,ודלא קני וכו׳
    This is talking about דעת!

    For anyone to think that one is being a מוסר for reporting on something which is right now ספק פיקוח נפש does not know the Halacha well.

    (Torah anytime has many Rabbinim as of “TODAY- LITERALLY” from “America” who still consider this ספק פיקוח נפש).

    Did anyone give a Psak that he is a מוסר? NO

    Could someone who has caused a terrible Chillul Hashem decide who is a מוסר?

    Rabbi Bender Shlita and many all Gedolim are working on our behalf with the government.

    Does anyone with דעת think that in GALUT -protesting and burning masks (or being violent), will help?

    The Goyim don’t view this as a minority of a minority group.

    They call it orthodox JEWS (even though it’s only a few without דעת by protesting).

    Anyone with “דעת” will tell you if we all Learn a דף, make שלום amongst our brothers, cry our hearts out to בורא עולם, and Support the needy in this difficult time,
    Hashem will surely do the work for us.

  17. In our history, mosrim were the people who put false charges before non-Jewish authorities for their private advantage or because of their feuds with other Jews. A reporter trying to get us to obey health regulations doesn’t fall into this category. As an Am Kadosh, let’s follow our Torah leaders and not rabble-rousers.

  18. When people’s lives are in danger it is absolutely not mesira – people are spreading this disease and it is infecting and killing old people, the same way it isn’t mesira if there is a child predator or a ganav – you call the police. R Yitzchok Zilberstein put out a psak to contact the police if someone refuses to wear a mask in public – it is risking other peoples lives. R Asher Weiss paskened that such a person may be a rotzayach b’shogeg. People must realize this is no game. I’m not saying to live in fear or yell at people who dont listen, but make them aware that they may be helping the spread which can result in someones death if refuse to wear a mask and social distance. The biur halacha in hil tisha baav says wrapping ones nose and mouth helps stop spread of a magaifa, so in case you dont trust science fully- the chafetz chaim you can trust! And it happens to be a halacha in shulchan aruch taht we are chayiv to listen to the doctors when they something. and i think its common sense that social distancing prevents germs from reaching one another. May Hashem send us the vaccine soon! Maybe with the zchus of bein adam lchaveiro and protecting each other bubbies and zaides from this terrible thing Hashem will send us the vaccine