“The Pittsburger Rebbe Was Murdered By Bnei Avla,” Rosh Yeshivah Says

Hagaon HaRav Yisrael Landau, Rosh Yeshivas Heichal Yitzchak

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Hagaon HaRav Yisrael Landua, the Rosh Yeshiva of Heichal Yitzchak in Jerusalem, sharply censured those who disregard health regulations and engage in confrontations with the police in a sicha he delivered to yeshiva bochurim in the Chevron “coronavirus hotel,” Kikar H’Shabbos reported.

“We can’t have a situation where an extremist declares that he doesn’t recognize the laws of the state,” HaRav Landau said. “Uniform laws are necessary for public order and police are needed to enforce them.”

“Regarding police violence, in my opinion, there’s an issue here of a shocking hefkeirus of the Chareidi media which incites and hurls unnecessary accusations, directly causing destruction to the Chareidi public. It’s a lack of adherence to laws, a lack of responsibility. The fact is that people are dying because of the disregard for health regulations.”

“When a policeman sees a group of people attacking him and throwing things at him – he came to close a shul according to to the law and according to daas Torah – he needs to be a malach [not to engage in violence].”

“The Pittsburger Rebbe, z’tl, passed away a week ago. What should have been written was: ‘The Pittsburger Rebbe was murdered by bnei avla.'”

“Two days ago I didn’t daven Maariv in a minyan because I came to shul and there were 15 people without masks. I already had the coronavirus and I’m not afraid. But I couldn’t daven there and I got up and left. This is a shocking situation. We’re busy with a few stray policemen who were violent. The real problem is the lawlessness that leads them to violence. The entire community needs to carry out a chesbon nefesh.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. there were 15 people without masks. Let’s rephrase this more accurately:- There were 15 רוצחים at that Shul, and clearly & correctly so, Hagaon HaRav Yisrael Landua doesn’t wish to consort with 15 Murderers.

  2. To 147 I’m a masker. I can’t believe most people I passed today were not wearing masks, but I wouldn’t dare call them rotzchim at this point. Perhaps back in April, May. There are few studies that I have seen recently that doctors are seeing an unusual of amount of strep throat and are blaming it on people wearing masks for an extended amount of time. On erev yom tov I saw a report that even if you wear a mask but have no antibodies you shouldn’t go out.

  3. Can we stop using the word רוצח??
    People who don’t wear masks are either careless, wreckless or they disagree with the scientific basis for it. You and I may disagree with them. But that’s not called a רוצח.

  4. Okay, we won’t use the word רוצח, use the term the Rosh Yeshiva used- בני עולה? Idk about you but I prefer not to have such a title attached to me.

  5. “The Pittsburger Rebbe Was Murdered By Bnei Avla,”
    This sounds like the hatred spewed by the left! That a Rosh Yeshiva should say such words! That a news source should report such hatred! Disgusting!
    Today anyone who can raise money can be a Rosh Yeshiva, brains are no longer paramount in study halls, sick!

  6. I think the bottom line is that we can’t control everyone. No matter what we say or what the government says, people will do what they want with regards to masks. We can put up rules, lecture about it, people will still show up with a mask around their chin, not covering their nose etc. Also, it could be that, like the Rav, those 15 had corona already and feel they don’t need to wear a mask, which is very common, regardless of whether its the right thing to do or not. What I really feel strongly about is that our main focus we should be concentrating on is keeping the older and vulnerable population out of harms way. I see so many pictures and videos of celebrations in the last month with older people, many many Rabbis, which absolutely no mask on. I see them receiving guests with no mask on or a mask half on. They and their family and friends need to guard their health and not put themselves in dangerous situations. Instead of trying to control the 99% who are not very vulnerable and therefore are less motivated to be makpid with health regulations, we should focus on the 1% which are truly vulnerable to protect them and encourage them to stay out of the public where it is dangerous for them to be.

  7. Rav Edelstein said months ago that anyone who does not wear masks, and inadvertently causes someone to get corona, and they pass away, will be held responsible in shamayim as a רוצח. Be aware!

  8. This is the year of accusations. Just say it and it’s so. Murder, murder. These rabbis rant like madmen without using any facts, any logic. The mask is your savior. What is this a new religion? Are the areas where masks are not worn suffering from a high death rate? No. See a little logic really goes a long way.

  9. TO ALL:

  10. What a powerful message from the Rosh yeshivah. What i cannot get my head around is “what’s the big deal to put on a mask”? even if there are doubts whether it helps or not. One may be Mechallel Shabbos on a Sofek Pikuach Nefesh and everyone will agree to that, so why put other peoples lives in danger just because you have doubts whether a mask helps or not. There are people with Covid-19 parading the streets whether its in Boro Park ,Yerusholayim, Bnei Brak or London. One direct breath of theirs onto an innocent unsuspecting person may put that person in ICU or worse. Such a scenario happened not very long ago where Rabbi Asher Weiss Shlita Paskened that the person was a רוצח and the same may be have been the case of the Pittsburger Rebbe z”l. There is a brilliant slogan of a major Haulage Trucking Company which is “We deliver Parcels not Excuses”. So stop making excuses and put that mask on. Maybe ! Maybe! a life may be saved.