TRUMP 2020 CAR PARADE: Frum Jews In New York Rally For Trump, Crowds To Converge In Marine Park [VIDEOS]


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A Pro-Trump rally by frum Jews in New York is taking place on Sunday, October 25, beginning with car parades from four New York communities and culminating in a rally in Marine Park in Flatbush.

It is expected to be the largest Jewish car parade in history.

The rally is in support of US President Donald Trump, the United States of America and is pro-police, specifically the NYPD, as well.

About 1,000 cars boasting Trump flags from Monsey, Flatbush, Boro Park and Manhattan, are expected to participate. The car parades will travel toward Marine Park on the outskirts of Flatbush, gathering there about 5 p.m., where the rally will take place and speeches will be delivered.

The organizers have requested that participants bring masks to wear at the rally and make sure to practice social distancing after exiting their cars.


(YWN World Headquarters- NYC)


  1. What a waste of time. Do something constructive. And why is a hate group going to be at the rally? The Proud Boys are a white Supermacy group who hate Jews, Muslims, blacks and anyone else.

    I’m a orthodox jew who’s a proud Democrat who voted for Biden and in 8 days he’ll Maga 🇺🇸 as 46. It’ll be a great day. So it is written, so it’ll be done. AMEN.

  2. Whether Trump loses NYS or NJ by 15 points or 14 points is not really important. These yidden, as misguided as some of us believe they are, should always be encouraged to express their political views. Its NOT a waste of time. I’m sure they know they are supporting a loser; its just their way of showing respect for a leader who has little respect for anyone but himself. Hopefully, they will avoid the racist rants and signs in the golf cart and power boat parades we’ve seen elsewhere and tweeted by the belove leader.

  3. I’m no Trump supporter but it is beyond appalling to see the Democrat-Communists criticizing people for engaging in their right to free speech and letting their opinions be know.

    I’m sure the critics here weren’t spending their time in the Beis Medrash today instead and didn’t post similar comments about BLM rioters

  4. @Ezzy, you really voted for a guy who isn’t sure if he is running for the Senate or the Presidency? Who hasn’t denied the emails from Hunter are about him or his son? Who surrounds himself with anti-Semites like “The Squad”? Who didn’t really accomplish anything really notable in his 40+ years in politics?
    What ever will happen, it is part of the Borei Olam’s Plan. It is good, may it be sweet.

  5. If aligning with ProudBoys, then its all for naught. This is not what we signed up for. We can be pro Trump and still keep it totally politically safe.
    As a Trump MAGA supporter, I still dont see what this brings us Jews Right now in NY. We can all vote for Trump but keep our tremendous patriotism within Jewish bounds. It might bring on more hate? Anyone thinking that? Of course Deblasio is tweeting against it and hes totally racist for it but is it worth the repercussions that Cuomo and Deblasio shld spite us more? What are we accomplishing with it?

  6. Ezzy: You should be ashamed! Most of our current great Rabbonim, Gedolim and Daas Torah have just come out in support of the Republicans, something that rarely happens. So, now you’re against them, as well?

  7. Ezzy: The Proud Boys are not who you said they are. And Biden is not who you think he is. The founder and the current leader of the Proud Boys have podcasts. You can watch and listen to hours of their content. You will see that your current opinion of the Proud Boys is wrong. There are also non-Mainstream media outlets showing uncut video that might change your opinion on Biden. Joe Biden if held to normal standards would lose his security clearance. He would not be allowed in the vicinity as the President of the United States let alone run or debate for that office.

  8. Trump supporters? Yes, I see those here. Jews, maybe. Hard to tell 🙂 Frumkeit I certainly don’t see much of here. Will I vote for Trump? 1000% yes. Straight Republican all the way. Will I participate in such parades? No. It’s not our way.

  9. Absolutely! Its just not the Jewish way. As an avid Trump fan and voting straight Republican, this whole entourage just isnt the Jewish way. Cant pinpoint but makes me wary. #MAGA

  10. The significance of this parade became obvious when it was actually held. The violent response by anti-Trumpers to peaceful and legal parade tells i tall as to who is really the violent groups and who is really anti-Semitic.

  11. @Ezzy:
    “The Proud Boys are a white Supremacy group who hate Jews, Muslims, blacks and anyone else.”

    Oh, are they now? I suppose that would explain why so many of them are black, Latino, etc.? And why they are staunchly pro-Zionist.

    Whatever else the Proud Boys may be, your characterization is nothing more than a parrot of the preposterous, hysterical talking points of the rabidly anti-white media who champion BLM-ANTIFA, ferociously suppressing and blatantly denying the overwhelming evidence of their ongoing domestic terrorism.