Against All Odds: 26-Yr.-Old Critically Ill Bnei Brak Mother Released To Rehab

Illustrative. Coronavirus ward (Photo: GPO)

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Chava Leah bas Esther, a 26-year-old woman who contracted the coronavirus and was hospitalized in dire condition, with both her life and the life of the baby she was carrying at risk, has made a miraculous recovery.

When she arrived at Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital, the doctors performed an emergency C-section and managed to save both mother and baby but the mother remained in critical condition. She was transferred to Ichilov Hospital and has been hospitalized for over a month in the ICU, attached to an ECMO machine, with doctors holding little chance for her recovery.

The baby, who was the much anticipated firstborn to the couple after four years of waiting, tested negative for the coronavirus and is Baruch Hashem completely healthy. His bris was held amid copious tears while his mother lay critically ill in the ICU.

Last week, the young mother opened her eyes for the first time and spoke with her husband and father and the doctors were able to decrease her level of respiratory assistance. On Monday, she was transferred from Ichilov to a rehabilitation center.

“I have no doubt that the tefillos of Am Yisrael saved my wife’s life,” her husband told Ynet. “We’ve witnessed nissim v’niflaos that Hakadosh Baruch Hu performed in the zechus of Am Yisrael who went above and beyond. So many people brought in Shabbos on time, davened and made kabbalos, learned Torah, and fasted on Yom Kippur – we see the results. There’s no other explanation because she was already on the other side.”

“One of the nurses told us that she didn’t believe my wife would make it and in our zechus she now believes in Hashem. She tried to encourage us and she herself was encouraged despite the fact that she’s not religious. All of Am Yisrael came together for her.”

“We’re now thinking about what still stands ahead of us – rehabilitation – but we’re very optimistic.”

The family members have requested that the public continue davening for Chava Leah bas Esther, who despite her improvement, is still in great need of tefillos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Oh my! Thanku for posting this amazing touching story. Im shedding tears for simcha. HODU LASHEM KU TOV… May she and her husband be healthy proud parents to their innocent light of life. THANKU YWN!