Ben-Dahan Verbally Attacked At Shiva For Rav Ovadia ZATZAL


bdaIt was an unpleasant experience for Deputy Minister of Religious Services (Bayit Yehudi) Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, who was verbally assaulted as he was making his way to the Yosef family shiva tent in Har Nof on Wednesday morning, 5 Cheshvan.

“You are wearing a phony yarmulke! Take it off!” was among the shouts leveled at the dati leumi party official. They also shouted at him for his party’s partnership in the coalition with the Yesh Atid party headed by Yair Lapid. “Lapid I understand but you, you guys with your knitted kipot! Lapid hates Torah! How can you partner with him?”

Ben-Dahan explained, citing the family treated him with the utmost respect. “There was an apology as well for there was a similar incident during the levaya.”

Ben-Dahan said there were a small number of people who shouted at him and it is not representative of the majority of people there. He added he told the sons that maintaining the dialogue and relationship with them is very important despite differences in hashkafa.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The extremists should have asked DERI why he didn’t want to meet with Bayit Yehudi to discuss coalition plans.

    There is an expression that “You cant have your cake and EAT IT TOO”… Shas wanted both at that time what a disgrace that we are all suffering from now!!!!

  2. #2
    Wake Up,Can You ever?

    Shaked loudly admitted that Shas Wanted to meet(the opposite of you ate from your various media’s hands)
    But Bayit Yehudi were the ones who nixed it

    Bayit Yehudi were the ones who nixed it

    ‘have your cake’

    And you’ll blame Shas

    and EAT IT TOO”…

  3. The fact that people are doing stuff like this at Shiva houses (including Yosef’s son who grilled Netanyahu when he was being menachem avel) tells me that these people care way more about politics than about Torah, regardless of what they claim.

    Simply shameful.

  4. Israel is the land of religious extremists that is powered by dim wits who lack the ability to think so they think that because they follow such and such a shita, everyone else is pussul.

  5. If you needed further proof that these people are extremists, just compare their claims that “X hates Torah!” or “X is waging war on yiddishkeit!” to the rhetoric of Islamists, who say exactly the same things about the US and Israel, when Muslims have more freedom in those countries than anywhere else.