Bahraini FM: Biden Must Consult Us, Other Gulf States Before New Iran Deal

Screenshot of Axios reporter Barak Ravid's exclusive interview with Bahraini FM.

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In an exclusive interview with Axios and Walla reporter Barak Ravid, Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif al-Zayani, who visited Israel on Wednesday, said that he expects the Biden administration to consult with Bahrain and its other Gulf allies prior to renegotiating a nuclear deal with Iran.

Zayani asserted that a new deal with Iran must address not only Iran’s nuclear program but its regional behavior and ballistic missile program as well.

“We need to be consulted if the US pursues such an agreement with Iran,” Zayani said. “Any nation concerned by Iran’s belligerence should, and will, make their case.”

“We will certainly make our views known,” the Bahraini foreign minister stressed. “We have a close and open dialogue with the United States so I am sure that other regional states will make these concerns absolutely clear. The situation in the Middle East has changed in the last four years and the dynamics have changed.”

Zayan added that Bahrain is conferring with Israel and other Gulf states on the issue and believes that the Biden administration will consult with Bahrain before finalizing any deal.

Saudi officials have also expressed fears of Biden resuming the Iran deal and more recently said that it will seek nuclear weapons if Iran obtains them.

Watch a part of the interview below:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)