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1 Out Of 200,000: Israeli Mother Of 6 Gives Birth To Identical Triplets

An Israeli Chareidi couple with six children under the age of 13 who recently gave birth to identical triplets were featured on Channel 13 News.

Moshe and Tamar still need bracelets to figure out which one of their three newborn sons they’re holding. But Moshe said that they’re beginning to be able to tell them apart. “It’s one of the nifloas haBoreh – that as much they’re identical, they’re also different,” he said.

“The coronavirus crisis actually was a help to us,” Moshe joked around. “The whole pregnancy, Tamar sat while the children helped with the household chores – they were in “training” for more siblings – but they didn’t realize how many more siblings.”

Channel 13 News screenshot

A doctor at Hadassah Ein Kerem, where the triplets were born, said that the birth of identical triplets is rare – it happens in only one out of 200,000 births.

Tamar said that she had a stillborn a year ago and her pregnancy with the triplets was very difficult for her at the beginning on the background of the loss she suffered. “Suddenly we had this huge surprise after a loss like that – it was simply a gift.”

Moshe shows Channel 13 the bracelets they use to identify the triplets.

Tamar said that they’re getting a lot of help from their families, friends, and community. “Everyone is so eager to help us. People call us all the time – what do you need? They’re ready to help by sending meals or doing laundry or watching the other children. It’s wonderful.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. So, Ms. 147, how much did you send them? I sent them nothing, but I am not bragging.

    I would be curious to know how much money was spent by the Israeli government for obstetrical and pediatric care, how much would be spent under Obamacare, and how much would be spent under Trump’s plan (so far an undisclosed plan). Any idea which would be the most helpful to this Jewish couple so generously blessed by Hashem?

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