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Iran-Linked Group Says It Hacked Israeli Aerospace Industries

The Iran-linked Pay2Key hacking group revealed on Sunday a list of names it said it stole from a database of Israel Aerospace Industries’ subsidiary Elta Systems, the most recent of a series of Iranian linked cyberattacks on Israeli entities.

“IAI might think they have the most protected network, but this should be backed with proof,” the group wrote on its Darkweb site.

One of the names it revealed was Camila Edry, head of cyber projects development at the company.

The information posted by Pay2Key.

The group also stated that “the most interesting part” of Elta System’s servers would be the company’s files, including classified projects, videos and research. “Do I have possession of them? Who knows,” the statement said threateningly.

Pay2Key bragged about its achievement on Twitter, writing: “Knock Knock! Tonight is longer than longest night for @ILAerospaceIAI.”


Pay2Key is not officially linked to the Iranian government but is based in Iran or operated by Farsi-speaking operators, according to Israeli cyber experts quoted by Calcalist. It is believed that the group is motivated by financial greed rather than ideological reasons.

The group has attacked several Israeli firms in the past two months, most recently the Intel-owned Habana Labs.

Earlier this month, the Israeli insurance company Shirbit was hacked by the group Black Shadow. The group demanded that Shirbit pay almost $1 million in ransom money, threatening to leak customer data if the sum wasn’t paid.

Shirbit refused to pay and the group made good on their threat, posting personal information of the company’s clients, including addresses, names of family members, and vehicle licenses. The future of the company is now uncertain.

The state-owned IAI is Israel’s largest defense and aerospace company, developing and manufacturing the most advanced defense systems and weapons for the IDF and homeland security. Elta is one of Israel’s largest defense electronic companies, specializing in the development and manufacture of advanced defense and intelligence electronics, including sensors, radars, electronic warfare, and communication systems.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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