Mutated Virus Rapidly Spreading In Chareidi Sector, Reports Say

Illustrative. Testing for coronavirus in Bnei Brak (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

The coronavirus infection rate in Chareidi cities has risen to alarming rates in recent weeks and health officials believe that the mutated virus variant originally found in the UK is the reason for the rise.

Senior Health Ministry officials claim that the mutated virus made its way to Israel several weeks ago and is the reason for the rise in morbidity in the sector. Prior to the recent rise in infection, the Chareidi sector had the lowest infection rate since the beginning of the pandemic.

The new variant is believed to be 70% more transmissible than the original variant. It was confirmed last week that at least one of the mutated virus patients was a resident of Bnei Brak.

Dr. Adina Bar-Chaim, the head of the laboratories at Assaf HoRofeh Hospital, where 49 cases of the virus variant were identified, told The Jerusalem Post that she believes that the mutation has spread to a number of areas in Israel, including Bnei Brak, which has suffered an inexplicable surge in cases in recent weeks. There were 2,000 new coronavirus cases confirmed in the Charedei sector over Shabbos alone.

According to Health Ministry data published on Sunday, all the Chareidi cities in Israel are now “red” zones, with the city of Beitar Illit the most “red” – 10 according to the “traffic light” plan. Other Chareidi areas with high infection rates are: Givat Zeev (9.9), Telzstone (9.7), Bnei Brak (9.3), Modiin Illit (9.1), Rechasim (9.1), Elad (8.9), Beit Shemesh (8.2), and Jerusalem (8).

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Prior to the recent rise in infection, the Chareidi sector had the lowest infection rate since the beginning of the pandemic” Now that the numbers went up, (by probably half as much as they say the numbers are) they are starting to tell the truth. Where were they with this until now
    Chareidi zones were RED RED RED ALL ALONG. why? because they LIED that chareidi numbers were the highest ALL ALONG
    welcome to the land

  2. okey R R R, whatcha going to do? I see people in the government that put their masks under their noses (leaving them exposed), street parties during (lockdowns) and other disgusting examples of conduct.
    Obviously, there is no education on any level of society. But, I got a solution. That complain about the one group that isn’t probably on the internet, ie defenseless. And do nothing more.

  3. And we here in the USA are waiting for what exactly??? Why when countless other countries have closed their skies to British flights, has America remained open?! Did we not learn from the first time around when we took our sweet time taking things seriously?!

  4. Important Note:
    If you want to alleviate the pressure from Hatzalah and the hospitals (not to mention reducing, almost completely, any danger of death) then also follow the simple/easy instructions of the so-called “Zelenko protocol”.  (Google it.)

    It must be followed very soon after onset of symptoms.
    It’s for all adult ages, with a 65-year safety record similar to Tylenol. (Except for people with chronic heart conditions.)

    Do not pay attention to the nay-sayers.
    Over the past 8 months I’ve studied many thousands of cases/reports;
    1) Every report of failure has blatantly clearly not followed the simple and easy instructions.
    2) Every instance, without exception, that DID follow the 3 easy steps, all have resulted with avoiding hospitalizations and worse.

    L’maan Hashem, be prepared!

  5. @hohom: It must be followed very soon after onset of symptoms.

    there is a lot you can do BEFORE onset of the symptom: check what applicable:
    stay at home, call or zoom your hevrusa, enjoy learning by yourself without distraction, look up missing sources on seforia, learn with your children, spouse, parents, call your grandma, deliver food for her, wear a mask, do not attend public events

  6. Fox35Orlando has a story that Vitamin D makes a very big difference for COVID. For those who read secular news sites, you can search FOX35 Vitamin D at Google News, to read the story.

    From the article there:
    “Additional studies also revealed nine out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels, the FOX 26 report said.”