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Jerusalem City Hall Ready for Municipal Elections

vote4.jpgJerusalem City Hall officials announced on Sunday, 16 Cheshvan they are ready for Tuesday’s municipal elections. Jerusalem polling stations will open at 07:00 and close at 22:00. Municipal elections take place once every five years.

The Municipality election’s office has worked closely with the Ministry of Interior to ensure that elections are held in accordance with the law. Additional information and polling stations can be found online at the Jerusalem municipality website or through the Municipality’s Facebook page.

In preparing for the election, the city has established polling stations, hired thousands of officials to operate the polls, made logistical preparations and equipment procurement. Itzik Nidam, the Municipality’s Director of Emergency & Safety Division and the head of the Municipality’s election headquarters said: “Jerusalem has finalized an intensive four-month preparation leading up to the election. The City has completed all the necessary coordination with the Interior Ministry and police to ensure that everything will work properly. We will make sure that the election process will run smoothly so as to allow each resident to exercise their right to vote.”

The Municipality will manage all the incoming votes. The counting and vote processing will take place inside the main election headquarters in Kikar Safra. The Municipality website will provide online updates with voting results on Election Day.

The Municipality is planning to establish a media center on Election Day for journalists who wish to cover the elections. The media center will operate from 17:00 until the final votes are counted on Wednesday, providing live updates.

Jerusalem Election Data

There are 809 polling stations in 181 public buildings, most of which are schools. Note: most school classes will operate on a normal schedule.

· There are 42 polling stations that have been equipped to assist voters with disabilities.

· There are 121 polling stations in eastern Jerusalem.

· 2,200 workers will be working to ensure a smooth election including: polling station managers, attendants, ushers, security and more.

· 1,247 officials were selected, interviewed and trained to handle the election process.

· 100 election officials will be processing and counting the votes at Kikar Safra.

· 70 election officials will operate the main headquarters in Jerusalem and will be responsible for ensuring that elections are running smoothly.

2013 Voting Eligibility

Jerusalem is home to 884,723 residents and has 576,406 eligible voters.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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