SEE THE VIDEOS: AOC Say’s She Thought She Would Die. Says Senator Cruz To Resign, And Wants To End Free Press


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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, said she had a “close encounter where I thought I was going to die” during the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Ocasio-Cortez spoke for more than an hour during an Instagram Live event just after midnight Wednesday. She said she couldn’t go into full detail of what exactly happened to her due to “security reasons.”

AOCz said that Congress is looking into media literacy initiatives, including a commission to help “rein in” misinformation in the wake of last week’s deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol.

“I can say, there is absolutely a commission being discussed but it seems to be more investigatory, in style rather than truth and reconciliation, so I think that’s an interesting concept for us to explore, and I do think that several members of Congress, in some of my discussions, have brought up media literacy because that is a part of what happened here and we’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

She also slammed GOP Senator’s. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley:

“This is how democracy can burn. It is fragile. We must cherish it. And they didn’t. And they don’t. So they need to leave,” AOC said. “Donald Trump needs to leave. Ted Cruz needs to leave. Josh Hawley needs to get out. They need to get out.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Aaaahhhhhhh! Why do I have a filter on my internet! Now I won’t be able to see the GIFs that will be created from this video. OMG this witch is awesome. Funniest content EVER. Thank you YWN. It made my day.

  2. Yay communism!
    Yay Russia!
    Yay Cuba!
    Yay Venezuela!
    Aoc why don’t you try these places that cherish freedom. Oh they also don’t allow free press!
    What an awesome life

  3. a. Ted Cruz and all the other senators and congressers who voted to disregard the election must go.

    b. I don’t know how you “rein in” liars without unconstitutionally restricting free speech.

  4. a thieving bar tender relentlessly promoting most radical views that will dispossess people by the millions while getting filthy rich and powerful was afraid the thief that she is will be tarred and feathered.

  5. Wait a second… so she’s saying that because Senators Hawley, Cruz, and others are asking for a commission to investigate election fraud, that therefore we should disenfranchise all the voters who elected those senators and let Democrats take their seats instead? And because not doing so, is “clinging to power” and “self serving”? hmmmm…

  6. What happened at the capital was an armed insurrection- anyone who believes otherwise is against not only true emes but against the lovingkindness of the shechina- how dare you dehumanize this person who was under real thread of life and limb. This mob was hunting Pence as well shouting they wanted to hang him. All of you commenting here ( members of the 29% who appear incapable of reason who still approve of Trump) need to keep up with the details of this case – it gets worse and worse the more you know. Justice will prevail, but not with the help of you who refuse to see others as your fellow humans. Some of the posts here make me ashamed. Go look in a mirror . This is depressing to see of my fellow Jews.

  7. @Jackpot: Are you for real? Who exactly is arguing that what happened at the Capitol was not an armed insurrection? There is not even one comment above that implies as such (on my screen, your comment is last as of now, so please don’t blame me if something else is added)! Indeed, the insurgents at the Capitol were a mixture of deranged individuals (like the apparently frum Yidden in attendance), evil white supremacists and anti-Semites, and just generally horrible people (I consider anyone who thinks they should hang random persons — and certainly persons of the character of the great Michael R. Pence — to be a horrible person).
    However, AOC rudely suggesting that the honorable Senator Ted Cruz and others like him need to resign as punishment for exhibiting free speech and for exercising their Constitutionally-protected powers as members of the U.S. Congress, is hilarious and stupid. That is why people are making fun of the witch. I obviously haven’t reviewed her high school and college transcripts, but she presents as an impressively stupid human being with just incredibly fake drama-queen tendencies. She is an evil woman with no care whatsoever for the truth, who attempts to ride the fake-drama wave to fame and fortune — and that deserves ridicule.
    Regarding the fact that she may have felt in danger: I truly feel bad for her; that does not, however, excuse her heinous actions.

  8. @Jackpot: Additionally, see the post above by @Curiosity January 14, 2021 6:34 pm. I had meant to include the points made there in my response to you, but I forgot to do so.