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HORROR IN ISRAELI HOSPITALS: “I’ve Seen A Lot But I’ll Never Forget What I’m Seeing Now”

In a shocking post entitled This Is What A Collapse Looks Like, MDA paramedic Aharon Adler describes the horrifying situation in recent days in Israel’s hospitals.

“A little after eight in the morning, we’re called to the bedside of a coronavirus patient with serious breathing difficulties. The patient is in the emergency underground coronavirus ward. As we make our way to the ward, we hear ambulance after ambulance approaching the hospital, seeking to evacuate its patients that were sent far from their cities to hospitals in central Israel – to Ichilov, Beilinson, Sheba – but no, they’re also full now.”

“The call center informs us that even if our patient is in life-threatening danger, we can’t admit him to any hospital in Jerusalem. It’s not that they don’t want to admit patients – they simply can’t. They have nowhere to put another patient, they have no empty beds in the wards, they have no ICU beds. They want to help, I know – I’ve worked with these professionals for years and I know how important their patients are to them. They want to but they simply can’t.”

“We enter the underground ward – rows and rows of beds with patients lying in them in varying states of consciousness. Staff members covered from head to toe with protective equipment running from one patient to another.”

“Our patient is lying unconscious, struggling to breathe some air into his collapsing lungs, struggling with all his might against the virus – without success.”

“We carry out resuscitation techniques together with the hospital staff – everyone together – resuscitation that we know is almost certainly futile. But how can we give up? He’s only 73 – he was on his feet just a few days ago. We declare his death. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.”

“We head to the nearby MDA station to replenish our equipment. Before we’re finished loading the ambulance, we receive another call from the same hospital – the makeshift one set up to fight the coronavirus – for another coronavirus patient with breathing difficulties.”

“As we walk in, the head nurse comes running out to us: ‘Wait! Don’t go to that call, there’s another patient collapsing right now – go to her.'”

“We follow his instructions and go to the patient. Again we perform resuscitation together with the hospital staff, who have been living with this terror for weeks. Against we fight for life and again we lose. We declare her death. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.”

“On the way out we already see new patients entering the ward. The first patient who died earlier is lying on the bed covered and a new patient is already waiting next to him, waiting to occupy the bed.”

“Another patient arrives and another patient arrives and another patient arrives and the hospital staff admits them one by one and searches for empty beds to place them. ‘This is how it’s been for weeks,” a nurse tells me. “One patient deteriorates and another one takes his place. Four patients died on me during the night shift,’ she added.”

“I’ve seen a lot in my professional life – too much – a lot of people would say. I carry scars from the aftermath of horrific terror attacks I’ve witnessed. But when my grandchildren ask me what is most engraved in my memory, I’ll tell them about today.”

“The day I stook in the underground ward, wearing protective clothing, losing one patient after another to an unseen enemy. The first time in my life that I knew that the medical system is incapable of helping – it has no cure and no solution. It has exhausted its capabilities. The first day I felt hopelessness stalking me.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Why use Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, ivormectin, and Pulmicort when they can use the deaths to promote the lockdowns?

  2. There is no need to die, there are medications, hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, N-Corona, Dr Zelenko’s cocktail. What did Trump receive when had Corona? He wasn’t left to die? Why can’t one treat all patients worldwide with all these medications?? Do you know why? Because Big Pharma wants to sell vaccines, billions of vaccines, every year from now till eternity!
    May Moshiach rescue us NOW.

  3. Let’s see a picture of a FULL hospital ward. Not one news outlet has done so why? This article is filled with hysteria and drama. Can we truly believe everything we read? Is there any exaggeration in these tales of horrors?

    Not that it isn’t true, but the media has absolutely lost it’s credibility in reporting anything. Just gauging by the hyperbole and hysteria in this and most articles of hospitals “collapsing”, serious doubt remains as to the accuracy of these reports.

  4. Read the article below which explains that when 50% of hospital beds are filled, the hospital is considered “collapsing”. Consider this as opposed to the misinformation being spread that “hospitals have absolutely no beds”.

    The federal government on Monday released an updated set of detailed hospital-level data showing the toll COVID-19 is taking on health care facilities, including how many inpatient and ICU beds are available on a weekly basis.

    Using an analysis from the University of Minnesota’s COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project, NPR has created a tool that allows you to see how your local hospital and your county overall are faring. (Jump to look-up tool.)

    It focuses on one important metric — how many beds are filled with COVID-19 patients — and shows this for each hospital and on average for each county.

    The ratio of COVID-19 hospitalizations to total beds gives a picture of how much strain a hospital is under. Though there’s not a clear threshold, it’s concerning when that rate rises above 10%, hospital capacity experts told NPR.

    Anything above 20% represents “extreme stress” for the hospital, according to a framework developed by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

    If that figure gets to near 50% or above, the stress on staff is immense. “It means the hospital is overloaded. It means other services in that hospital are being delayed. The hospital becomes a nightmare,” IHME’s Ali Mokdad told NPR.

    Those thresholds are a bit higher for ICU capacity. IHME says when 30% or more of ICU beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients, it indicates a hospital is operating under “high stress.” Facilities greater than 60% are considered at “extreme stress.”

    All of these indicators, of course, vary depending on the size of and resources at a given hospital.

  5. HA !! Interseting… All the shvitzers have no comment… Weddings, Paties, Tishen… Next it will be Purim family gatherings…

  6. “Why use Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, ivormectin, and Pulmicort when they can use the deaths to promote the lockdowns?”

    “there are medications, hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, N-Corona, Dr Zelenko’s cocktail”

    No medication has been shown to keep you from being infected. Hydroxychloroquine has been proved to be useless and the truth is that there never WAS any real evidence for it. Remdesivir may help a bit but it isn’t a cure. The main item in Dr. Zelenko’s protocol is hydroxychloroquine and Dr. Zelenko was irresponsible by not enrolling his patients into a clinical trial. Trials of Ivermectin have also not shown efficacy. Budesonide is still being studied.

    What does work is wearing masks and avoiding mass spreading events, something our community doesn’t seem to want to do. My last indoor minyan was March 13, 2020. Expect a big bump in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths as the result of Purim. 🙁

  7. When will the Israeli politicians wake up and realize Hashem is running the world. The 3 week lockdown + extensive vaccination campaign + closure of the airport is NOT helping, uh-oh, so they blame the chareidim now.. wake up and smell the coffee

  8. I have known Aron Adler for more than ten years. He has done more for Klal Yisrael than anyone reading this article, and certainly more than the rishaim commenting their drivel here.
    Jews are dying from covid 19. Sorry if that is politicly incorrect to acknowledge.
    And its not because they are not being given hyroxycloriquin or what ever else you fools want to believe in.
    Too many frum people are choosing the wrong side of history, even with death and reality staring you eye to eye.

  9. The discussion here is not how to avoid getting infected (that’s a discussion on its own). The discussion here is how to avoid dying after being infected. There are remedies, Donald Trump was not left to die, he was given adequate treatment. Why isn’t that treatment available to all sick people??

  10. Between 1939 and 1945 the Yidden had almost no options. Today we B”H have options. Unfortunately, too many Yidden neither care about themselves or other Yidden. Sorry, but it has to be said. I miss minyan and I hate wearing a mask, which I do all the time I am not in my own apartment. I wish I could safely and in good conscience go the simchas I hear about. “Call this number on the day of the simcha for information about the venue etc, so that the wicked Zionist Police will not get wind of the simcha in advance.” Instead, I sit at home reading articles like this. Yidden, heilige Yidden, people are DYING, mothers, fathers, zeides and babbies. When will you wake up? Even if your being careful does not make any difference, is it worth the risk that you will spread germs and kill people?

    don’t you care?

  11. Why is there no talk about giving plasma to these patients? Why are these patients not on respirators? From this article, it doesn’t seem like they are are respirators. If they don’t have enough, they should be getting them from other countries.

    I don’t know if Zelnko’s method really works, but plasma certainly does.

  12. The nonsense being spouted here with absolute authority is mind-bblowing, and generally not worthy of even addressing. There is one comment, though, that seems based on a simple misreading of the article quoted –

    @Deracheha_darchei_noam – the article does not say that a hospital is considered to be “collapsing” when its beds are 50% full. It says that they’re considered to be collapsing when 50% of the beds are taken by COVID patients – i.e., the rest of the beds may well be full, but not with COVID patients. This is likely due to the medical requirements of those sick enough to be hospitalized with COVID – they need more treatment and monitoring than most other types of patients, and the stress on the hospital when they are too high a proportion of the patient population is just too much.

    an Israeli Yid

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