Israel: Woman Dies In Ambulance As All J-m Hospitals Refuse Treatment

Illustrative. MDA evacuates COVID-19 patients with its new ambulance-bus. (Photo: MDA)

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A day after a coronavirus patient died in an ambulance after all the hospitals in Jerusalem refused to accept her due to lack of room, a Channel 12 News report on Monday said that over 200 ambulances with virus patients had to wait for several hours outside hospitals while staff scrambled to free up beds.

When patients were finally admitted, some found themselves in beds in the emergency room rather than the coronavirus ward – simply because the emergency room was the only place empty beds could be found, the report said.

On Sunday, MDA commissioner Eli Bin told Army Radio that an elderly nursing home resident suffering severe respiratory difficulties passed away on Sunday after no hospital in Jerusalem agreed to accept her due to lack of room. Although the ambulance medical crew did their best to treat her in the ambulance, she sadly passed away before she could be admitted anywhere.

An ambulance driver told Arutz Sheva that Jerusalem hospitals have no room for more virus patients and drivers are being requested to bring patients to hospitals in central Israel. “This leads to a situation in which many ambulances are tied up in transport as opposed to response,” he said.

Unfortunately, hospitals in central Israel are also beginning to fill up beyond capacity. Wolfson Medical Center in Holon announced at the beginning of the week that it can no longer accept new coronavirus patients.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why is this happening? Isn’t Israel leading the world in vaccinations? They’ve already made it available to teenagers. Are people refusing to be vaccinated?

  2. Worshippers of the ‘Vaccine Ba’al’ should instead use greater common sense and consider protesting the shortsighted ‘powers-that-be’ about the exponentially expanding 5G infrastructure they have chosen for the masses.

    Abundant research points to 5G and other EMFs as a primary cause in weakening the immune system and also the microbiome (the gut). Hundreds of communities around the world have repealed 5G in public places–and have correspondingly less cases of CV. Fiber-optic is a much more responsible choice for technology.

  3. And still people are vacationing in Dubai and bringing back the Virus. Why were they even allowed to go in the first place? Israel had no plan and are suffering the consequences. Too late now that they are closing the airports.

  4. Why are they not opening field hospitals? The IDF are very quick and efficient to set up hospitals in India and around the world but can’t do anything in their own country!

  5. But lets slowly and deliberately consider whether to perhaps begin to prepare to commence a shutdown of the airport and rigorous enforcement of the shutdown with special exceptions for politically sensitive segments of the tzibur. Sadly, some will die but thats simply collateral damage of our concerns for not offending any potent political constituencies.

  6. Lockdowns are just making it worse, in places with no lockdown this is not happening.
    in any case why almost a full year into this is their still no plan in place in the case of hospitals getting over filled???

  7. This tragic death is partially the responsibility of the selfish fools not wearing masks or properly distancing. And, of course, the politicians who encourage those selfish fools.