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Vizhnitzer Rebbe Instructs Bochurim To Be Vaccinated

Vizhnitzer yeshivah bochurim received a message on Wednesday morning from the Rebbe’s shamash to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“I spoke to the Rebbe regarding vaccinations for the yeshivah bochurim,” stated a special message from the shamash Rav Shaul Greenberger. “The Rebbe expressed his opinion that the bochurim be vaccinated, that this is the ‘tzav ha’shaah’ of the fulfillment of mitzvas ‘v’nishmartem meod l’nafshoseichim’ – that one shouldn’t be harmed or harm others.”

It should be noted that with the start of Israel’s vaccination campaign, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe instructed his chassidim to be vaccinated, which he said is a “chov kadosh.” The new instruction on Wednesday was directed at the younger bochurim.

Israel expanded its vaccination program to everyone over age 16 a week ago.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Fizer brew contains no antigens = not a vaccine, just a genetic synthetic cocktail.
    Need to reveal this to the rebbe so he can punish them for trying to pull a fast one on a Zaddik and endanger clal Yisroel.

  2. I received the second dose of the Moderna vaccine this morning. So far no issues. There were ZERO serious adverse events in the clinical trials of either the Moderna vaccine or the very similar Pfizer vaccine. Rates of adverse events reported from the vaccinations in the general population are similar to those in unvaccinated persons, with the exception of sickness and death from COVID-19.

    Anyone trying to convince Jews not to get vaccinated is trying to create more dead Jews.

  3. I do not want to take the vaccine as I do not know what is in it, because I cannot understand the technical specifications even though my doctor can and he recommends I get vaccinated.

    I am happy to drink Coca Cola even though there are only 10 people in the world who know what exactly is in it and in what proportions. My doctor says the high level of sugar is bad for me but “vos kan a Yid ton, a kalta Coca Cola is a gitta Shabbos trink?”, so I can’t give it up.

    My doctor thinks he knows about this vaccine, but he tells me that gehatke leiber, gribbine, cholent mit fleisch are vadei also bad for you and cause cardiac problems. What does he know.

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