Emotional Day For Tel Aviv Hospital As It Closes Its Last COVID Ward

Ichilov Hospital

Only three months after the start of Israel’s vaccination campaign, when Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv had six full coronavirus wards, including two intensive care units, the hospital closed its last virus ward on Monday.

The remaining 18 coronavirus patients (none of whom were fully vaccinated before contracting the virus) will be transferred to designated areas within the Internal ICU Unit and the ECMO department in the general ICU.

The underground coronavirus ward at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, which opened at the end of September, is also closing. The remaining 20 patients will be transferred to the coronavirus wards within the hospital.

Israel’s Health Ministry reported 1,339 new coronavirus cases on Monday, with tests showing a positivity rate of 2.4%. There are currently 622 seriously ill patients, of whom 211 are ventilated. The death toll has risen to 6,018.

Israel’s reproduction or R number continues to decline, standing at 0.76 on Monday. The Chareidi sector currently has the lowest R number at 0.69, the general sector is at 0.77, and the Arab sector has the highest number at 0.85.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)