CHEMED in Lakewood Offers COVID-19 Vaccine to Jackson First Responders, Teachers and Bus Drivers


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Jackson Township, March 18, 2021: With the State, along with the rest of the Country, doing their best to get life back to normal, CHEMED in Lakewood has taken the extra step to help our community in this process. Jackson resident Mordechai Burnstein, on behalf of Mark Berkowitz, Chief Operating Officer at CHEMED, reached out to Mayor Michael Reina to inform that they would be offering the COVID-19 vaccination to all Jackson Township First Responders, Teachers and Bus Drivers. After making contact with our First Responders and the Board of Education, CHEMED set up a clinic for them to receive these shots yesterday evening.

“With the country still being negatively impacted by this virus after a full year, we are all eager to get our lives back to normal and this is a huge step in the right direction. So when Mr.Burnstein reached out, I immediately thanked him. With our First Responders being the front line of defense, keeping them safe is a priority. Same goes for our Board of Education staff. The impact this has had on our school system and the children is awful. We need to feel comfortable knowing that our schools are a safe environmental for our children and families. The sooner we can feel that comfort, the sooner our children’s lives can get back to normal as well. The kindness of individuals, like Mr. Berkowitz and the CHEMED staff, is what helps get us through difficult times such as this and we are more than grateful to be on the receiving end. On behalf of all of Jackson Township, I extend a sincere thank you to Mr. Burnstein, Mr. Berkowitz and the CHEMED staff”, said Mayor Reina.

This has surely been a difficult time for all and we understand that securing a vaccination has been a challenge. For those who are still finding it difficult to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, please know that there are many clinics set up and scheduling appointments. Kindly visit the Ocean County Health Department website at for more information on scheduling an appointment to receive your vaccination. You can also reach their COVID Information Hotline at 732-380-5079.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)