UK Jews Banned From Holding Family Sedarim For 2nd Consecutive Year

In this photo from Feb. 13, 2021, two men from the Haredi Orthodox Jewish community arrive at an event to encourage vaccine uptake in Britain's Haredi community at the John Scott Vaccination Centre in London. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)

UK Jews will not be legally allowed to celebrate Pesach Sedarim with extended family members this year, the second year in a row that Pesach will be celebrated during a lockdown.

“It’s very painful for us,” Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis told the PA news agency. “It is very difficult.”

People will be celebrating “in a pretty lonely way” for the second year in a row, Rabbi Mervis said.

“But we respect the regulations that are given to us and preservation of life must be the top priority, and always acting in a legal way, respecting the Government’s wishes. This is our top priority.”

Lockdown restrictions in the UK will begin to be lifted on March 29, the second day of Pesach, with two families or a group of six allowed to congregate outdoors.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Walking in the streets in London more or less ,it looks like pre covid and in Stamford Hill and GOLDERS GREEN/HENDON ,most shuls are open and full once again ,and most of the Frum oilom WILL AND ARE, inviting thier extended families to the SEDER and other meals .

  2. Lockdown restrictions in the UK will begin to be lifted on March 29 because Good Friday & Easter are so much more important than סדר nite.
    Let me remind you the words that Boris Johnson utilized in explaining why there shall be no xmas lockdown:- It would be “INHUMANE” to be in lockdown over xmas, and I am sure he feels exactly the same way about Easter.

  3. Things my be as normal in Stamford Hill, but in Manchester we have to worry about people telling on people to the police!! 🙄