Moving: Secular Tel Aviv Couple Donates NIS 1 Million To Families Of Meron Victims

Inbar Nacht (Photo: אינגה אבשלום שיליאן); Marius Nacht (Photo: Tomer Yaakovson)

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In a heartwarming gesture, a secular couple from Tel Aviv is donating NIS 1 million to the families of the Meron victims.

Philanthropist and businessman Marius Nacht, one of Israel’s leading entrepreneurs who co-founded the CheckPoint company and is regarded as as one of the founding fathers of Israel’s cybersecurity industry, and his wife, Inbar Nacht, a lawyer, stated on Tuesday that they will be giving NIS 18,000 to each of the 45 families who lost a family member in the disaster.

The donation will be carried out via the couple’s family foundation, Nacht Philanthropic Ventures, which launched a number of initiatives during the coronavirus crisis.

The foundations’ representative, Nachman Rosenberg, told Ynet: “From the moment the news of the tragedy hit, the Nacht family felt obligated, from a moral and Zionist standoint, to find a way to assist, and strengthen the sense of mutual responsibility.”

“After it became known that many of the mourning families struggled with daily financial difficulties, which was exacerbated by the tragedy, Attorney Inbar Nacht made a decision to grant NIS 18,000 that would be immediately transferred to each family directly, without intermediaries.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The math doesn’t add up! 18,000 x 45 is 810,000. But definitely still a generous amount. But why would you make up the number 1 million?

  2. May the Almighty bless this couple and their family with lots of good health, lots of happiness and lots of success.
    Instead of calling them a secular couple, maybe we can call them a Jewish couple. Maybe we can call them God’s beautiful children.

  3. Wonderful Jews doing a great mitzvah and huge kiddush H’. They should be gebentched.
    Those making calculations should perhaps reexamine their priorities.

  4. Two out of four comments are about the math!
    Who cares about the math. Or the headline.

    This is the beautiful achdus of am Yisroel that I think (and hope) is hastening Meshiach
    Yashar Koach!!!!

  5. I agree that they are wonderful people who should be blessed בכל מילי דמיטב. I just like knowing how things add up.

  6. The important thing is that it goes directly. the remaining 190,000 shekalim may go to help those injured or whatever this blessed family chooses.

  7. NIS 18,000 to each of the 45 families Actually 43 families, since 2 families most tragically נלקו כפליים or do these 2 families get NIS36,000 each?