MOVING FOOTAGE: Hatzalah Volunteers Singing “Ani Maamin” On The “Walkway Of Death”


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Hundreds of Hatzalah volunteers were at Meron on Lag B’Omer when the disaster occurred and worked for long hours tending to the wounded and dead, while witnessing unspeakable and heartrending scenes, difficult for even the most experienced volunteers to endure.

On Tuesday night, about 150 Hatzalah volunteers returned to the site of the tragedy and sang at the very place that the horror had occurred only days before.

The volunteers sang slow songs, including Ani Maamin, and were joined by dozens of people who were davening by kever Rashbi.

Rav Michoel Kakon, a member of the Bnei Brak City Council and a Hatzalah volunteer, said pirkei Tehillim l’illui nishmas ha’niftarim and for the refuah sheleimah of the wounded. He also led the volunteers in asking mechila from the niftarim, due to the possibility that they weren’t treated with the proper respect amid the tumult and chaos.

“We’re here, precisely where you were moiser nefesh saving lives a few days ago,” Hatzalah director Ushi Shlomovitz said to the volunteers. “The most important thing is to thank Hashem.”

“You’re to be admired. You ran here up the mountain with another stretcher and another injured patient and you saved lives. With all the pain of the death of the 45 kedoshim, it’s important to remember the hundreds of injured whose lives were saved in your zechus. You deserve all the kavod. You have zechuyos and great kochos to bring about yeshuos. Let’s sing lichvod Hashem, to thank Him for everything.”

Hatzalah spokesperson

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What’s the inyan of doing it at the site of the tragedy? If people are r”l killed in a car crash is there an inyan of going to the site of the crash to make something? (I know the nochrim have a minhag to put flowers there.)

    Why did they put on their uniforms for the singing?

  2. UJM: Because it helped them cope with the tragedy. Not everything needs an “inyan” or a halachic rationale. It just helped them deal with the emotional trauma they are still experiencing.