Lieberman’s Demands: Civil Marriage, Stores Open On Shabbos, End Of Rabbanut “Monopoly”

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman speaks at a party event on February 2, 2020. Behind him can be seen the words: "Lieberman, an end to Chareidi rule!" (Screenshot)

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Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman published a list of his demands this week for entering a national unity government.

The demands include:

  1. The Drafts Law that already was passed in its first Knesset reading should be passed without any changes in the first month of the new government.
  2. The authorization of civil marriages.
  3. The removal of the Rabbanut’s monopoly on kashrus.
  4. The cancellation of the Supermarkets Law, allowing businesses to be open on Shabbos.
  5. The abolition of local religious councils.
  6. The authorization of local Rabbanim to conduct conversions.
  7. The promotion of the core curriculum in Chareidi schools.

Lieberman, who is demanding to be the finance minister in a new government, also stated: “The economic policy we will promote will change the order of priority and give expression to the fact that everyone who serves in the army, does reserve duty, works and pays taxes, will earn not only praise but tangible appreciation.”

However, it is unlikely that a coalition can be formed according to Lieberman’s demands as the Islamic Ra’am party has already stated that it will not back civil marriage or any legislation that encroaches on family values. It is also unlikely to back an expanded draft law which would include drafting Arabs to national service.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Such an outrageous list of demands, not withstanding the magnitude of his wickedness, is a benediction in disguise, because even traditional MK’s are going to be outraged [or at least shocked] by lieberman’s brazen defiance to השם, and this shall lead to lieberman’s downfall, or at any rate that no-one shall be sitting in a coalition with this repugnant creature, so IY’H shall hamper/impede even the leftists from being able to form a coalition in their allotted 28 days.

  2. as the Islamic Ra’am party has already stated that it will not back civil marriage or any legislation that encroaches on family values”

    Even the Arabs have better moral values than this lowlife bare headed pork eating Russian heretic drunk. It’s too bad he got out of Russia. Wicked evil man.

  3. Please change the terminology from “National Unity Government” to “Anti-Bibi coalition” as it would neither be national unity nor a government.

  4. Is there anyone who seriously doubts that the Israelis are headed for another round of elections within the next six months?

    Bibi is by far the best politician and statesman in Israel right now. Unfortunately, his dominance has created a paradox. No coalition can work unless it includes him, and no coalition can work if it includes him.

    It will be impossible to have a stable government (even by Israeli standards) with him in the Knesset, which is ultimately a loss for the citizens of Israel.

  5. 3 out of 7 are already the defacto law in Israel. There may be no civil marriage but there is Yeduim B’tzibur which is for all legal purposes a marriage. The Rabbanut does not have a monopoly on Hechsherim, there is Tzohar. Plenty of stores and supermarkets are already open, they might be owned by Arabs or Russians who don’t care about a hechsher. As for #1, if the sikrikim went to the army the Haredi neighborhoods would be a much safer place.

    My the Neshama of Reshaim like Moshe Dayan and Ben Gurion Press Rabin and the The rest have Yeriah to special heated room in GEHENAM for destroying the land and giving it to prostitute for the enemies.

    ”Slave rule over us” is talking about political system which damends pork on Yom Kipur and intermarriage.

  7. and also all the russian prostitutes that came to Israel. All friends of Lieberman.Why does he not ask for a law
    that they not allowed to make money in Israel.?

  8. E”Y is Hashem’s chosen land, not Ben Gurion’s, and the fact that Yidden everywhere have the tremendous opportunity to live here and don’t is a rejection of kirvas elokim, terrible kafui tova. (Of course there are exceptions who have valid reasons for staying in CH”l.) If American frum Jewry would only move here and vote, we would have a government that was shomer torah u’mitzvos – what a kiddush Hashem that would be. If Hashem saw that we were waiting for Him in His palace for Him to return, surely the geula would come, BB”A.