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Israel’s Foreign Ministry Slams UNSC For Ignoring Hamas Rockets

In its first statement on Saturday on the ceasefire between Israel and terror groups in the Gaza Strip, the United Nations Security Council completely ignored the rocket attacks against Israel by Hamas that began the conflict.

The statement “welcomed the announcement of a ceasefire beginning May 21 and recognized the important role Egypt, other regional countries” played in it, and emphasized “the immediate need for humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian civilian population, particularly in Gaza.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry responded to the statement by stating: “The full responsibility for this escalation lies with the Hamas terrorist organization, which chose to initiate rocket fire at Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, the areas surrounding the Gaza Strip, and other cities in Israel.

“It is very unfortunate to see that the Security Council has ignored the launching of over 4,000 rockets at Israeli civilians from populated areas in Gaza. Hamas uses the people of Gaza as human shields, cynically exploits their suffering, and shoots at border crossings in order to prevent the entry of humanitarian aid, food, medicine and electricity into Gaza from Israel.

“We expect that the international community condemn and disarm Hamas, and ensure Gaza’s rehabilitation while preventing the diversion of funds and weapons to terrorism. Israel continues to be committed to the fate of the captives and missing persons being held by Hamas in Gaza, and insists on their safe return.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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