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HATE IN LONDON: Jew Attacked In Golders Green, Corbyn At Rally At Which Israeli Flag Dragged On Street

London police arrested a man on Friday after he broke into the car of a frum man outside a kosher supermarket in Golders Green on Friday and began beating him.

Passersby overpowered the suspect until the police arrived.

On Shabbos, thousands of people participated in a pro-Palestinian anti-Israel rally at which an Israeli flag was dragged on the street to the cheers of the crowds. Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn addressed the crowd along with two Labour lawmakers

One protester held a sign with a picture of Jesus on the cross, stating: “Don’t let them do the same thing again today.”

Left-wing activist Tariqu Ali, a friend of Corbyn, spoke at the rally and actually hinted that Jews could be slaughtered again like they were in Europe if “Israel doesn’t stop bombing Gaza,” Jewish News reported.

Protesters hold placards and banners in London, Saturday, May 22, 2021. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

”They have learnt nothing from what happened in to them in Europe,” Ali said. “Nothing ”

”They talk a lot about saying all those marching for Palestine are antisemities. This of course isn’t true. But I will tell you something, they don’t like hearing. Every time they bomb Gaza, every time they attack Jerusalem – that is what creates antisemitism. Stop the occupation, stop the bombing and casual antisemitism will soon disappear.”

On Sunday, hundreds of people participated in a pro-Israel rally outside the Israeli embassy in London as a show of solidarity with Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. This is absolutely horrifying. Can you just imagine what would happen in the US if members of congress addressed a crowd that included people wearing Camp Auschwitz sweatshirts, waving neo-Nazi flags, and yelling 6 million were not enough? or if the President himself addressed a rally at which people built mock gallows and chanted Hang Mike Pence?!

  2. In case it wasn’t clear – my earlier comment was written in jest – these things actually happened!!! On January 5th and 6th. Crazy, right?

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