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New Gov’t: Transportation On Shabbos, Civil Marriage, Leiberman’s Draft Law

The coalition agreements of the Bennett-Lapid government were publicized this week and many of the agreements, especially that of Yisrael Beiteinu’s Avigdor Leiberman, calls for anti-religious laws to be implemented.

The agreements call for the advancement of civil marriage, transportation on Shabbos, a Reform department in the Diaspora Ministry which would grant the Reform movement a substantial budget, the advancement of laws requiring all student to learn “core” subjects, the establishment of a large egalitarian Kosel plaza, and additional laws regarding limiting the power of the Rabbanut on issues of kashrus and conversion.

The agreement with Yisrael Beiteinu also stipulates that the draft law formulated by Leiberman when he was serving as the defense minister, without any of the changes demanded by the Chareidi parties, will be implemented.

However, a clause that may prevent the legislation of anti-religious laws stipulates that both the prime minister and alternate prime minister will have mutual veto powers on issues of religion and state, which means that Yamina leader Bennett has the power to stop anti-religious laws. Additionally, some of the deals signed with different parties contradict each other and are not likely to be implemented.

The first clause that will be implemented is an agreement among the party leaders that a state inquiry into the Meron disaster, headed by a Supreme Court judge, will be established immediately after the formation of the government.

The agreements also stipulate that the parties will advance legislation that limits the term of prime ministers to two terms.

Additionally, new positions have been created for Blue and White leaders Benny Gantz and New Hope leader Gideon Saar, who will be “deputy prime ministers,” with Saar serving in the position when Bennett is the prime minister, and Gantz serving when Lapid is prime minister.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Transportation on שבת will Divinely lead to proportionally numerous serious tragic traffic accidents. Be forewarned you wicked רשעים. The Holy שבת has historically defended itself in all sorts of situations.

  2. So Bennet is right to warn his children that he’s going to become the most hated man in Israel. He wears this funny little thing to help cover his bald head but it doesn’t do much because his bald head is not covered with Yiras Shamayim after all. Seemingly he has no respect for Torah and Mitzvos and the sanctity of the holy land: he’s a secularist.

  3. “The agreements call for the advancement of civil marriage, transportation on Shabbos, a Reform department in the Diaspora Ministry which would grant the Reform movement a substantial budget…”

    So much for the Eretz HaKodesh lies about how if frum Jews would literally become Zionists/heretics, in registering to vote in the WZO vote prior to Covid, that this was needed to stop reform.

    Seems like Hashem is clearly showing how impossibly foolish this was, as Rav Aharon Feldman shlit”A indicated at the Agudah virtual convention some months ago.

    Such lies and a scam that EH pulled on tens of thousands of frum Jews. Not only did making people into Zionists for the sake of “Eretz HaKodesh” not stop the reform, but it very possibly could have ultimately caused this whole election mess, including these pro-Reform laws.

  4. The only good in this is a law stipulating that a prime minister can serve in that position for only two terms. Even better would be a law that all ministers can serve for only two terms

  5. Liot am Chofschi ben Arzenu like the goim,this is a democratic state with the jewish antisemite pig eater and corrupt Lieberman. Yemach Schemom

  6. I am a frum Jew.

    While I would have preferred a coalition made of Likud and other right-wing parties, the fact is that the current stalemate – and its composition – is a democratic reflection of the current political make-up of Israel.

    While I not only find with disdain some policies (or possible policies) of new coalition (there is nothing like Realpolitik that drives compromises away from extreme views, left and right) there are many policies that I, as a frum Jew and many co-religionists will say “Baruch Hashem ,about time!”

    First of all, I love the term “anti-religious laws” policies. You mean like “anti-secular laws” over the decades past?

    While Lieberman may be “anti-religious” ….what we are really talking about is a political action not welcomed by some in religious world, because they encroach on time-honoured status quo understandings – which, from my perspective are out of date and have only fuelled more and more division in Israeli society.
    It is unfortunate the religious parties in their time in office did not take the bull by the horns as it were – and address many of these inevitable issues themselves – that now “outsiders” will.

    So let’s look at a few:

    That student’s must learn certain “core” subjects: Chaz v’ Shalom, maths, science etc – tools of parnassah for a changing world that can break spiralling cycle of poverty and yield tangible and practical societal contribution as a citizens of Israel.

    Limiting the power of the Rabbanut: Most frum Jews will deeply acknowledge the utter corruption by some in this area. An utter Chilluah Hashem. Belated time for change.

    Draft law: As we known – will inevitably be a compromise of some sort.

    The point is this.
    More than the IDF needs the Chareidi world, the Charedi world needs the IDF.
    Apart from a huge percentage of Chareidi individuals who are not made for full-time learning and are being driven into a lifetime of poverty, there is the belated need as fellow citizens to equally bare the physical and dangerous load of a country constantly faced by war.

    Yes we know that Israel is protected by both learning and the army, but there is NO comparison between the dangers of sitting on the front line and sitting at a Shulchan in the Beis Medrash.

    There is no comparison to the parents of a soldier in the IDF who like awake at night wondering if their child is safe and the parents of a child in learning, wondering if he will…?

    Indeed, if this coalition DOES manifest into reality – perhaps it is time the Chareidi world take a good look in the mirror and look at the wasted decades in coalition – where they could have been more proactive to implement the necessary changes themselves. From a position of strength. From a demonstration of Hakaras Hatov. From a position of mutual citizenship and greater communal responsibility.

  7. I do not give this government very much time. As the article says, the coalition agreements contradict each other.

    147, are you a prophet? I very strongly suggest that you not give up your day job.

  8. That’s the official end of the “Jewish” state of Israel, if it ever was.

    Why is this called “unity” government? Totally leftist, nothing for the right, and causing the biggest dis-unity in the history of the State.

  9. Meron / Karlin / New Anti religious government / Jerusalem sinkhole פרשת קרח! / fire In Jerusalem burning out of control. / ”45” people killed in Pakistan train crash. HASHEM is calling on US!!!! Are WE listening??!!

  10. The “Yidishe Medinah” in full colors. If anyone still doubted that these Reshaim don’t represent Klal Yisrael. Am I an Antisemite cuz Im an anti Zionist. Nothing changed now, it just crystal clear. Who knows? Mayb its a lot better so less people will be brainwashed under the Zionists falsehood.
    Unfortunately Now its a lot easier to see that Satmar Rav Zatzal was right.

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