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The World Has Seen An Unprecedented Surge In Antisemitism Over The Past Several Months

From Canada to Italy, in our Holy Land, as well as right here in the United States, Jews are being targeted in crimes driven by hate alone. 

In some communities, it has gotten to the point where Jewish men and boys of all ages find themselves second guessing the decision to wear their Kippah upon leaving their house. 

Something needed to be done. 

Enter, Magen Am. 

Comprised of volunteers as well as IDF and US Military veterans, Magen Am has taken the daunting responsibility of protecting its community, but “From Within.”

From securing schools and shuls, to patrolling the streets of their neighborhood late at night, Magen Am members are committed to the safety and protection of their friends and neighbors. 

“Magen Am is a really simple concept” says Rabbi Yossi Eilfort, Founder and President of Magen Am. “We don’t need to outsource our protection. Every community has dedicated men and women who can learn to be Protectors. 

Our goal is to inspire those people and empower them to stand up – and to do it the right way. Every community can do this and every community owes this to itself.

“We obviously put our faith in the One Above,” added Eilfort, “and are eternally grateful to our local law enforcement for all that they do for us. We are not trying to replace our local law enforcement, we are there to work alongside them.”

Crucial funding is needed to maintain their regional operations along the West Coast, as well as help steamroll their expansion efforts across the USA. 

You can learn more about them and contribute by visiting

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