Rabbi Berland’s Growing Kehilla in Morocco


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berlNow that it is clear that Rabbi Eliezer Berland is not returning to Eretz Yisrael any time in the near future, dozens of his chassidim have decided to move, relocating to Morocco to be with their rebbe.

Rabbi Berland fled Israel to avoid arrest, and if he returns to Israel he will be placed in custody.

Realizing their rebbe is now a resident of Morocco, Maariv reports it has learned that over ten Breslov families affiliated with the rav’s Shuvu Banim Yeshiva have opted to leave Israel and take up residence with the rav’s new community. Members of the community in Morocco report there are already over 40 children from newborn to 15-years-old in the Morocco community and they are now working to set up schools. At present, the children are home schooled, but for the boys it appears the framework is a bit more organized.

One member of the new growing kehilla stated “All that is missing here is Bomba [peanut snack] and cola for we have everything else we need”.

The families are living near the shul, apparently an inexpensive area and because they are together there is a great deal of support with the families assisting one another.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. 1. justice will prevail and he will end up in jail in israel somehow
    2. he is sick – and has disease and will do the crimes again in morocco – and im sure the jails in morocco are not as cozy as israel or usa….

  2. 1. It’s rather obvious his supporters don’t believe the charges.

    2. As he was seen as a “nutcase” before the charges, that fact that those who were predisposed to being opposed to him made the serious charges detracts from the credibility of the charges.

    4. Given that the Israeli establishment perceived him as a “nut” before means he has no prospect of a fair trial in Israel. The only solution that everyone would accept would be for a frum (meaning Hareidim, and only Hareidim who weren’t opposed to him in the past) tribunal to adjudicate the charges. Given that Israel doesn’t even have a concept of “trial by one’s peers”, this isn’t likely.

  3. Zalman- i nor myself know the truth about what really happened with rabbi berland and if he is truly innocent-But those accusations do not fly around about anyone who is a true “ish elokim”. Additionally, Regardless of what anyone thinks about the the state of Israel and the “tziyonim”- the ones who accused him of wrongdoing were his own chasidim, the police are the ones following up to bring justice to those victms- so how exactly can a baal emunah such as yourself be so blind and ignorant by making such ridiculous comments?