Chasidic Man Who Converted To Islam Admits Making Threats Against Jewish Groups


alkA New Jersey man who co-founded a radical Islamic website has pleaded guilty to using the Internet to make threats against Jewish groups.

Forty-five-year-old Yousef Mohamid al-Khattab of Atlantic City started the Revolution Muslim website in 2007 with partner Jesse Curtis Morton.

Al-Khattab, who converted from Judaism and was previously known as Joseph Cohen, is the third person connected with Revolution Muslim to be convicted in federal court in Alexandria. Morton and another man, Zachary Chesser, admitted using the site to deliver thinly veiled threats against the creators of the “South Park” television show for perceived insults to the prophet Muhammad.

Al-Khattab’s guilty plea, announced Thursday, does not mention the “South Park” threats. In court documents, al-Khattab admits encouraging readers to “deal with” Jewish leaders or take other actions.



  1. Yousef al-Khattab (born Joseph Leonard Cohen) and Younes Abdullah Mohammed (Jesse Morton), who said their spiritual leader was Abdullah al-Faisal. Khattab is a New Yorker from Queens who grew up in a secular Jewish family. He lived in Israel for a time, where he attended an Orthodox rabbinical school. After his return to New York, he converted to Islam about 2000.[1][4][5] he is said to have worked driving a taxi,[6] operating a pedicab,[7] or running a restaurant.[8] At that time, he took the Arab name, Yousef al-Khattab.

  2. There are two errors in this story. One, he was never a Chasidic man. He just grew sidelocks and wore the garb, but no Chasidic man would stray to Islam. Second, he didn’t convert to Islam. A Jew cannot convert; he always remains who he really is: a Jew. In this case an extremely lost, confused and dangerous Jew.

  3. I read something he wrote about his life a few years back online somewhere. He said one of the reasons he left Torah was because he felt it was incumbent upon him to learn kol Torah kula but there were so many sefarim out there that it wouldn’t actually be humanly possible and therefore it must have all been a conspiracy cooked up by the Rabbis to drive everyone crazy.

  4. Hopefully now there will be a chance to free his wife and kids from his control. I would hardly describe him as a “Chasidic man”. He came from a secular jewish family then he tried out all sorts of religious options including being hasidic, moving to israel, living in gush katif, then r”l converting to islam and taking his wife and kids with him. I know the wife’s brother and they have been trying to rescue her for some time.

  5. #2 They should put him behind bars and send back home to Brookyn his wife (and kids) whom he forced and threatened to kill if she wouldn’t join him.

  6. Why is it when Jews or Christians convert to islam they end up on front covers for terrorism or violent acts? I’ll take a pass on the foot baths and rug praying.

  7. The guy is a total screw up and does what ever he can to grab attention. He converted to get attention. He became a lunitic to get attention and everything he does is only to get attention.

    What a total mess up.