Jewish Student From Maryland Stabbed To Death In Chicago


Anat Kimchi, z’l, of Maryland, was stabbed in the back in broad daylight over the weekend while on a visit to friends in Chicago and died from her wounds.

Kimchi, 31, a resident of Montgomery Country, was a doctoral student in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland. She is the daughter of Avi and Chava Kimchi and a sister to Itamar and Ofer Kimchi.

Kimchi was found on a Chicago sidewalk at about 4 p.m., bleeding from her neck. She was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The site of the crime was was in a remote area of downtown near a homeless encampment. Police Supt. David Brown said they suspect the perpetrator was a homeless person who hid in the bushes before committing the grisly crime. It is unclear why Kimchi was in the area.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Monday that Chicago police know who committed the stabbing and are “scouring the various homeless encampments downtown.”

“We know who he is. We’ve got a good film of him. We believe he’s a homeless individual,” Lightfoot said. “It’s awful. No question about it.”

Kimchi was known as a brilliant student and was a prestigious flagship fellow at Maryland

“She was one of our best students, just about to embark on a professional career,” Gary Lafree, chairman of the university’s Criminology and Criminal Justice Department, told The Chicago Tribune.

“The University of Maryland grieves the loss of Anat Kimchi, a brilliant young scholar,” the university said in a statement. “We offer our condolences to her friends and family during this difficult time.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Someone who lives in Chicago told me
    that Chicago is extremely dangerous. I asked him how do you survive there?
    Came the reply:
    The people who live in Chicago, they know already where are the safe neighborhoods and where are the extremely dangerous areas.
    If you want to walk around Chicago, please take along a friend who is extremely familiar with that area.

  2. H”YD!
    there is a parsha of egla arufa where the community has to ‘apologize’ so to speak for an unsolved murder.
    Lehavdil of all havdalas, by these vile goyim,
    not only do they not acknowledge or admit responsibility on a community level, not only they will not acknowledge that they are responsible for the most of violent crime in the US, no! They are the victim of systemic racism, they bask and wallow in the group victim status while contemplating genocide (no less!) with their so called “race theory”! Reshoym ad meod with no chance at repentance (except about 10% who managed to transcend their environment), not unlike the so called “palestinians”.

  3. Avraham, I grew up in Chicago. Yes there are areas that are dangerous. But you get that in many different cities across the US. We are in Galus.

  4. all this in the so called medinas hachesed america.

    thanks to liberal elected officials

    thanks to barrack hussein o(b)sama bin laden and his vice sleepy joe biden

  5. “needs to be said” What an ugly comment. You don’t even try to hide your blatant racism. You do know that this site is public and can be seen by all, this is how you choose to portray your middot? Where do you learn that this attitude is OK? Your hate doesn’t look good on you.

  6. B.D.E. What the author apparently doesn’t know is that this young lady was a “progressive” who published a paper in either 2018 or 19 claiming that the American justice system was racist, biased against young black men. I suppose we will find out in the days to come why she was ‘hanging out in a bad part of [Chicago] town’ near “homeless encampments” but it won’t surprise this reader if it’s somehow connected to her Leftist ideology. (I mourn her loss as I would the loss of any life, particularly Jewish life. And, to state the obvious, the murderer is responsible for her death.) Eema, don’t let your babies grow up to be Leftists.