Leiberman’s War On Chareidim Begins: No Daycare Subsidies For Avreichim

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman speaks at a party event on February 2, 2020. Behind him can be seen the words: "Lieberman, an end to Chareidi rule!" (Screenshot)

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Finance Minister Avigdor Leiberman began carrying out his campaign of hatred toward Charedim on Wednesday with the announcement of his decision to revoke the rights of avreichim for daycare subsidies.

In order to accomplish his goal, he changed the criteria to receive subsidies for daycare to families in which both spouses work at least 24 hours a week or one spouse works and the other is a student, excluding yeshivah students.

The new criteria, which will already go into effect for the upcoming school year, will affect about 18,000 Chareidi families and 21,000 children,

It should be noted that Leiberman’s decision does not require the Knesset’s approval.

“The decision I’m making today is a very important step that changes the priorities of the state to those who work and pay taxes,” Leiberman said. “I’ll continue to take steps to eliminate negative incentives for integration into the labor market.”

UTJ chairman Moshe Gafni said in response to Lieberman’s announcement: “The criteria that Lieberman HaRasha established eliminate daycare subsidies for working women whose husbands are learning Torah and will cause severe financial harm to these families.”

“We’re waiting for Bennett who said that he won’t allow the Chareidi community to be harmed,” Gafni asserted. “The first serious cut signed by Lieberman HaRasha is against the Chareidi community.”

“Leiberman who signed [the deal] granting NIS 53 million to the Islamist Ra’am party after he promised that he wouldn’t join a government with them…rushes to harm working Chareidi mothers,” UTJ MK Yaakov Asher said. “Bennett and Sa’ar will not be absolved of their responsibility for this crime.”

“Leiberman’s first decision in office is to attack the Chareidi community,” Shas chairman Aryeh Deri said. “His evil plan is aimed at harming large families just because he hates Charedim. Bennett and Sa’ar, who promised to defend the Charedim, have placed the battle against the Torah world at the heart of their agenda.”

Religious Zionist Party chairman Betzalel Smotrich said: “Toras Yisrael is the zechus of our existence here. Starving the children of avreichim is a disgrace and another mark of shame for this evil government.”

“Lieberman wants to starve women and children by raising the cost of daycare to the point where it’s not worthwhile to work,” said UTJ MK Yisrael Eichler.

“Lieberman is a veteran hater of Chareidim and we don’t have expectations of him. The blame lies with the prime minister and all the partners of this evil government.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Simple answer for all these political hacks screaming gevalt: Get a job!!
    There is no reason chareidi men cannot work and also learn. That sort of balanced life was the norm among frum yidden for hundreds of years. There are thousands of frum Israeli families where BOTH parents work to feed their children and will continue to receive the day car stipends. Israeli taxpayers, both frum and secular, should not be obligated to subsidize families where one of the parents chooses not to work the minimum required hours.

  2. The last time Lapid led cuts to avreichim there was a successful adopt-a-kollel campaign that largely filled in the gap. Hopefully this time comfortable Jews abroad will be motivated to cut back on their unneeded luxuries to help the children of needy bnei Torah.

  3. The Zionist regime is destroying itself. The less it supports Torah, the sooner it will be gone forever.

    BE”H, Mashiach will be here soon.

  4. Lieberman the Rasha, whether he knows it or not, is doing the Chareidi world a big favor. The Israeli government has had a big zechus in helping b’nei Torah sit and learn, thereby giving them some seemingly undeserved merit, and not allowing that zechus for frum yidden the world over. The Eibishter doesn’t need help from the secular reshaim running the State of Israel. They always hated the frumme, and now, as it should be, the Eibishter owes them nothing.

  5. You can be pursuing a doctorate on the history of rum in the Bahamas, and the government respects that and subsidises your kid’s daycare, but studying Torah? What’s the point?

  6. I don’t understand.
    Isn’t there such a thing as a פולסא דנורא ?
    Why isn’t it used against this עוֹכֵר יִשְׂרָאֵל ?

  7. Politics aside, from a Torah view we are presently experiencing 2 stages that precede the Geula.

    1. Ben Dovid will not come until the entire government turns against HaShem –
    אין בן דוד בא עד שתתהפך כל המלכות למינות (סנהרין צז.)

    2. In the time that Ben Dovid comes there will be antagonism against Talmidei Chachomim, decrees after decrees, taking away their finances
    דור שבן דוד בא קטיגוריא בתלמידי חכמים, גזרות על גזרות, בזוזי ובזוזי (כתובות קיב:)

  8. Before the government gave the lower income bracket (yeshiva families) this break on the daycare system, there were many private ganim. There were many more private gans than there are now, run by the kollel wives. When the government gave this benefit (not so long ago) the private ganim all closed down because they couldn’t compete with the price break that the government provided. This was also a curse to the kollel wives. Many of these ganim were funded until 4pm, not the 130 time which was what was before. This encouraged children to be away from their mother for longer hours in the day – another hateful move by the government.

    Lieberman can do whatever he wants, the chareidim will take care of themselves and are protected by HKBH since their focus is doing Gds service. In this case, the private ganim will reopen again.

    Lieberman will never win. He is a russian spy funded by Putin. He will continue to try to kill Jews, just like yemach shemo. But he will never win.

  9. And where is Bennet and the Yamina Party. Or did they lie again.and Lieberman the rasha and antisemit can do what he wants,but money for the soneh Israel Raam Party he has enough money. a shame of him this pig eater
    and jewish amalek

  10. This evil sick government will fall soon. They hate Jews worse than Iran. In Iran they let you be a religious Jew and here in Israel only perverted thinking rules. Tattoo shops, and pork stores and gay parades. That’s their new ideals. Now I see why Satmar Rebbe so opposed this state of atheists.

  11. About time we follow ח’זל and work instead of taking tzedakah. Why do we have to wait for Leiberman to tell us this?

  12. What these avechim have been doing is absolutely against holocho and unethical, immoral. Working to provide for your family is outright deoraisa. No one has to be responsible for their children’s care but their own selves. Why would someone think they have a right to live off others?

  13. I have no love for antisemitic self hating Jews, but to make a persasive argument there is a need for numbers. Provide the numbers for various groups affected by this decree!

    Suppose a few thousand avreichim are impacted vs a few hundred secular jews – that shows that the target is avreichim.

    However, if a few thousand avreichim are affected vs 100,000 Arabs, as sad as the hardship imposed on the avreichim, in such a scenario the target would be others.

    That is how such arguments need to be persuasively presented – with numbers of affected group vs others.

  14. They won’t dare mess with the Arabs. The israeli atheistic gvmnt hates Orthodox Jews. Time to hate them back.

  15. Since this news article will probably disappear by the end of the week I’m also going to post my reply to gadolhadorah and mindful

    You know there is a concept of yissachar sitting and learning (not for teaching, that is for shevet shimon) the Gemara says that learning (Torah) is a trade (umnaso)

    Specifically in this case over here, the government made a rule (with chareidi input) that only people that go to the army can get a degree

  16. The Chareidim are doing themselves in by refusing to join the Bennett government. Their spitefulness won’t get them anywhere. Why would Bennett help out a movement that curses him every day?