Police Arrest and Indict Palestinian Car Jacker Who Stole an Israeli Woman’s Car in Samaria in May


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Israeli police have managed to arrest and indict a Palestinian man who car-jacked an Israeli woman on Highway 55 near the Gitai junction on the 25th of May. The indictment was filed on Tuesday after the man was arrested earlier in the week.

The entirety of the carjacking was caught on film by the security cameras that are positioned at the intersection. The footage shows that two people consciously hit the woman’s vehicle. Immediately afterward, one of the occupants of the attacking vehicle approached the woman driver seemingly to check the damage. However, the other threatened the woman, grabbed her, threw her forcefully onto the roadway climber in her car, and drove off quickly, while the second driver drove the attacking vehicle.

The police stated that they conducted a complex and highly delicate investigation which brought about the location and arrest of the party who is accused of carrying out the carjacking.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)