BUSHA!! Bennett Votes Against Aid To Meron Victims, Is Booed Out Of Knesset [SEE THE VIDEO]


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The proposal for a law to develop a plan to provide financial compensation to the Meron victims and their families was knocked down by the coalition on Wednesday afternoon.

Prime Minister Bennett entered the Knesset just to vote against the law, for political purposes. When he announced “opposed,” the plenum broke out in screams, with opposition MKs yelling at him “Busha, busha, go, go!”

Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy tried to restore order, to no avail, and Bennett left the plenum.

Following the decision, UTJ Yaakov Asher, who presented the bill, slammed the government: “You’re playing politics with the blood of those killed. The families don’t only want justice, they also need assistance.”

“We’ve seen already that this government harms Shabbos, giyur, family values, the state’s Jewish identity but even pity you don’t have?” said Noam MK Avi Maoz. “You even harm assistance for orphans? This government needs to fall and quickly.”

“There’s NIS 50 million available for Ra’am but there’s no compensation for the Meron victims,” the Likud party stated. “This fraudulent government continues to break records in indecency.”

UTJ MK Yaakov Litzman said: “[The coalition MKs are the ones] who pursued the Chareidi MKs [to establish a state inquiry] under the guise of caring about the Meron victims. Those who used the pain and grief of the families in order to slander the Chareidi community have been revealed as low-lives, who commit the act of Zimri and request the sechar of Pinchas.”

“The malicious government of Bennett-Lapid-Leiberman-Saar – you no longer have the right to speak in the name and pain of those killed in this terrible tragedy. You revealed your lowliness and we’ll remind you of it.”

“I commend my fellow members of the opposition who expelled Bennett from the plenum after he came especially from his office in order to vote against a law benefitting the Meron families.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The opposition parties don’t get to write new laws. The ruling parties, who have stated that they will support giving compensation to the victims, will determine how much and when.

  2. In order to analyze and understand this issue we should know how much money they are already eligible for, and what they are getting from other sources. Such as what already been collected around the world for them, and what is coming to them from other government programs already.

  3. Yes they are, they are the center of the existence of am yisrael
    Shame on you to speak this way when the graves are freshly filled

  4. I’m not surprised! Sadly he is not Chareidi. His wife is even less than him. His association with the left and arabs took the kedusha away from him. His neshama is hiding deep inside and and thus his decision process is not inspired by it. Very sad.

  5. @Yirmi Shame on you! Who are following the Torah?The essence of the world, the very reason for the existence if the world! Who are those who are Moser Nefesh to uphold the words and teachings of the very Creator if the World and all that exists? The people we call Hareidim. I wish I was worthy to be called one of them. They are not just the center of the Jewish people, they are the center of all existence! Busha to those Vay to those who say such things.. May Hashem Yisborach save you from your crooked mind and be Mispallell that someone will come along and teach you some Reak Hashkafa!

  6. I’m beginning to think Netanyahu is looking better and better. He & Bennett are both megalomaniacs – is that a pre-requisite for being PM?

  7. Can anyone explain why the government should be involved in giving money to the victims?

    Not in the least to say they dont need help- but why SHOULD the government be giving?

  8. Should the government give money to every family where someone dies for any reason?
    It is the job of community to provide for widows and orphans. And not all victims left widows and orphans.

  9. Mindful, obviously not. But there was just as obviously some kind of crowd control failure here. And since the crowd control in Meron is under the auspices of the government, it makes sense that the victims receive compensation from the government.
    But it’s more than that. This current government has placed the charedi community in its crosshairs. Think about it this way: If any other population in this state would have born the brunt of an epic crowd control failure such as this one, do you think Bennett would have voted against it?