IDF Requests Billions For Potential Attack On Iran

Israeli F-35 (IDF spokesperson)

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The IDF reportedly requested a major budget increase of billions of shekels to prepare for a potential strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The request was made during preliminary discussions regarding the budget the new government is hoping to pass in the near future, Kan News reported.

The report added that in recent talks between senior Israeli and US security officials, Israel emphasized its “freedom of action” in the face of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear threat.

Israeli intelligence officials estimate that Iran only needs one year to produce a nuclear bomb.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz last week stressed the need for Israel to expand its capabilities to counter the possibility of Iran obtaining nuclear power.

“Regarding the greatest threat — Iran arming itself with a nuclear weapon — we have no choice but to expand our force build-up, to continue to rely on our human capital and to adapt our capabilities and our plans,” Gantz said at a graduation ceremony for Israel’s National Defense College.

Gantz called for the government to allow the country’s security services to “maintain military superiority, which ensures our secure existence and advances peace.”

“All of these threats demand that we speed up and increase our preparedness to carry out our mission with an iron wall of action and not to get by with just words.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why not take an ad in the Tehran Daily News seeking donations? Does anyone know about keeping quiet on national security matters or is this a deliberate “leak” to intimidate the Ayatolah and theRevolutionary Guard?