Firefighters Rescue Eight Children in Bnei Brak After Rollercoaster Seizes Up in Makeshift Amusement Park


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Firefighters rescued a number of children on Tuesday afternoon from a rollercoaster that was set up as part of the temporary amusement park in the Kiryat Herzog neighborhood of Bnei Brak.

The rollercoaster was stuck suspended in the air after a technical malfunction stopped the ride suddenly – with the children all stuck inside. The children were stuck in the rollercoaster for over an hour.

At first, the firefighters were able to rescue four of the eight children trapped. Then, after a second attempt, the remaining four were rescued. The incident is under investigation to determine why the ride seized up.

A spokesperson from the fire department said: “Eight children were stuck four meters in the air on a mobile rollercoaster in Bnei Brak. The rollercoaster seized due to an electrical problem and firefighters from the Bnei Brak branch were called to the scene to assist in extricating the children from the ride.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Pop-up amusement rides in shopping center or supermarket parking lots are HIGH RISK.

    Even the mild rides “safe” rides like the carousel can be dangerous if it malfunctions.

    These rides are assembled quickly by people of questionable credentials. They are set up and run by questionable people that don’t inspire confidence/

    You give them the responsibility of your children’s lives by placing your children’s safety in their hands. You rely on their skills and whatever safety checks they may or may not have done.

    Is the risk worth the 3-5 minute ride?

  2. The title “Makeshift” implies that the equipment was not properly maintained and inspected. The article does not state that that was the case, so please YWN do not editorialize.

  3. myownopinion – the title “makeshift” is 100% accurate.

    It was a “pop-up” temporary setup. That is called “makeshift” in English.

    Compared to establish permanent setups, the risks are higher for things to go wrong in makeshift setups. Equipment failure, electric failure, loose bolts – normal in makeshift setups.