President Herzog: Boycotting Israel Is “A New Type Of Terrorism”

Yitzchak Herzog

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President Yitzchak Herzog indirectly slammed Ben & Jerry’s boycott announcement on Wednesday, saying that boycotts against Israel are a “new kind of terrorism.”

“The boycott against Israel is a new type of terror, economic terror, a terror that tries to harm Israeli citizens and Israel’s economy,” Herzog said on Wednesday at an annual memorial ceremony for past presidents and prime ministers of Israel.

“The BDS campaign is not pursuing peace and is seeking to undermine Israel’s existence. It is aiming its arrows at the Israeli economy.”

As seen below, Herzog is not the only one to link Ben & Jerry’s boycott to terrorism:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Economic Terrorism? Sounds a bit extreme. The only people suffering economically are the owners and workers of the israeli franchise, and that isn’t directly caused by B&J, rather by the Israelis themselves. Trust me, the residents of Yehuda and Shomron have a lot more to worry about than lack of a certain brand of ice cream.
    Calling this terrorism is like Lapid calling the Rwanda Genocide “Anti-Semitsim”. It cheapens the real thing.

  2. Typical Zionist propaganda.
    As “Just Wondering” noted, this “cheapens the real thing”.

    Companies have every right to choose the locations in which they do business, including to not do business in the “Occupied Territories”, especially when the product in question is a total luxury (ice cream) and which has plenty of Israeli equivalents.

    The Zionists, on the other hand, have terrorized Jews since even before the founding of the State of Israel, like their treachery against Jews in WW II. That was terror.