MELTDOWN: Icy Outrage On Flight To Israel When Ben & Jerry’s Is Served


Passengers on a recent Delta flight from New York to Tel Aviv were outraged when they were served Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for dessert, Yisrael Hayom reported.

Most of the ice cream melted as passengers chose not to eat it and gave it back to the flight attendants.

Dr. Anat Berko, a former Likud MK and a renowned criminologist specializing in counterterrorism, was one of the passengers on the flight who returned the ice cream uneaten.

“I not only returned my ice cream but I videoed the incident so the airline can’t deny what happened,” she said. “Delta needs to provide an explanation for this outrageous decision.”

Berko said that several other passengers also said they would contact Delta to complain about the unfortunate choice of dessert.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. As more and more Yidden drive Mercedes Benz cars, I think it’s great we can complain about the brand of ice cream being served.

  2. Previous generation cried when the goyim burned our Torah
    Now we cry about the ice cream? Don’t like it? don’t eat it. Ben & Jerry are Jewish so there’s no anti-Semitism here. Is Delta required to read up about the background of all their products in the freezer? Why are they to blame.
    Be happy the goyim let us on their planes, and maybe let’s focus on bringing Mashiach, less focus on Zionism

  3. Why are we so sensitive?? My goodness who cares?? You think that by you not eating some ice cream on a plane somewhere Ben and Jerry is gonna care?? Cmon. Stop standing on principle. It gets you no where

  4. In fairness, the rocket scientists in Atlanta who set up the menus and catering arrangements on these flights weeks or months in advance are unlikely to have been monitoring the news with respect to BDS-related matters. Incidents manifesting this kind of corporate “tin ear” are not unusual and seems to have increased as big corporations decentralize and delegate operations to third parties. How many times have we read about retailers having to scramble to remove T-shirts with inappropriate symbolism or words that insult/demean certain racial or ethnic groups.
    I have a lot of more substantive broigas I would pick with Delta or other airlines with regard to their treatment of yidden and EY.

  5. Meshugayim have lost their minds over ice cream, who cares? It’s kosher if you eat cholov stam and tastes good and if you don’t like it don’t eat it but don’t yell antisemitism