Bennett’s Neighbors Go To Supreme Court To Demand He Move

Protesters against the Bennett-Lapid government. (AP)

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s neighbors in Ra’anana submitted a petition last week to the Supreme Court demanding that he move to the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem.

The petition included a demand for police to crack down on the continuous protests near Bennett’s home.

When Bennett became prime minister, the family decided to remain in Ra’anana so their four school-age children wouldn’t have to switch schools, and use the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem only for official events. However, the family’s decision led to unpleasant consequences for their neighbors as the neighborhood has turned into a center of protests and security forces.

In June, a group of Bennett’s neighbors in Ra’anana sent a letter to Shin Bet Chief Nadav Argaman, Internal Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev, the director-general of the Prime Minister’s office, and others, demanding that he move to the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem.

“The happenings around the house of the new prime minister have created an impossible situation for my clients,” the group’s lawyer wrote. “Overnight, their place of residence has turned into a fortress, a war zone, a military base, and a center of protests.”

The residents demanded three things – that the prime minister move his primary place of residence to Rechov Balfour in Jerusalem; that the protests be stopped or at least minimized; and that the security arrangements for Bennett be less disruptive to the residents.

The letter was the last step prior to an appeal to the Supreme Court.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. With his little wisdom, Bennet realizes that it just doesn’t pay to move, since he will be right back very soon, when the wicked government falls!

  2. The supreme court has no authority to direct a PM of ANY political party to move his family to the “official residence”. They can direct the police to take enforcement action when the protesters violate rules governing noise or obstructing traffic but thats where the court’s authority ends. It would be wide for Bennet to make some accommodations for his neighbors but that is a personal decision. Perhaps the neighbors should tell Likdud and the religious parties to tell their supporters to stand down and stay away from Bennett’s personal residence and limit their protests to the his office in Yerushalayim,