All Israelis On ECMOs Are Young And Unvaccinated


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All of Israel’s COVID patients currently attached to ECMO machines are under age 60 and unvaccinated, Yediot Achranot reported.

Additionally, all coronavirus patients who died after being attached to an ECMO machine during the current fourth COVID wave were unvaccinated, according to data from the Israeli ECMO Society.

Since the beginning of the fourth wave, 31 coronavirus patients have been attached to ECMO machines, five of whom died – all unvaccinated patients under the age of 60.

The most recent patients to be attached to ECMO machines are a 48-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman – both unvaccinated – at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon.

“The main thing we’re seeing from this data is the fact that the patients who aren’t vaccinated are the worst cases,” said Dr. Yigal Kassif, who heads the Israeli ECMO Association.

“These patients in the 40 to 60 age group, who are treated with the ECMO machines – die, while older patients including some with underlying conditions who had been vaccinated – survive.”

“Anyone who has never seen a seriously ill virus patient on the machine can’t understand the horror. These are people who are tragically unable even to bid their families farewell in their final days.”

Dr. Arie Soroksky, director of the ICU at Holon’s Wolfson Medical Center, said: “All of the patients we placed on ECMOs haven’t been vaccinated.”

“The unvaccinated, especially young people, are especially vulnerable to serious illness. If a patient lacks oxygen, we give him oxygen. When that’s not enough, we put him on a ventilator. In extreme cases, even the ventilator can’t save the patient…in these cases, we hook them up to an ECMO. Their family members then often rush to get vaccinated,” he wryly concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. ‘Unvaccinated’ conveniently now formally can refer to any who are not current in the ‘vaccine recommendations’. This disguises BigPharma’s attempt to cover-up the fact that many, if not most of the new variant cases (i.e., Delta, etc.) are actually those who previously took at least one dose of the ‘experimental injection’. (Research is also showing that the unvaccinated are being affected by the ’shedding’ of nanoparticles and virus fragments from the ‘vaccinated’. However, the weakened immune response from the ‘vaccinated’ is much more severe and this reflects the reason for the high case load of mostly ‘vaccinated’ as new strains or variants become eminent.)

  2. No doubt this is true… For the obvious reason that ECMO is only used for the youngest and otherwise healthy patients. The vaccines work best for young people, so the vast majority of very sick young people are unvaccinated.

    It is also true that in the past month 79% of Israeli covid patients on ventilators are over 60, as are ***96.7%*** of Israelis who have died of covid in the past month.

  3. This sounds very far fetched. The times of Israel published a completely different set of stats saying 70% of the seriously Ill were vaccinated. It sounds like your editorial board are pushing a pro vax agenda

  4. I can’t believe there are no deaths as well of those who are vaccinated. 1. The efficacy from these vaccines falls to 39% after 4-5 months . Not everyone has had a chance, or are hesitant, to get the third booster shot 2. Over 50% of those hospitalized in Israel have been vaccinated. I do not believe that there’s a 100% recovery rate those hospitalized despite being vaccinated.

    These tragic stories do not reveal the cold, factual data of whether vaccines prevent deaths. They certainly don’t prevent hospitilizations.

    Furthermore, since the efficacy of these vaccines drop to non-effective levels as time goes by, booster shots will need to be given every 4-5 months. What are the side effects of repeated doses of cell-based vaccines? We do not have that data.

  5. Nothing anyone in any of the first 4 comments said is correct, backed by science, or backed by reality. It is nonsense. Deadly, murderous nonsense. I dont care if you think I’m arrogant or patronizing or talking down to you. I am with Rav Kanievsky, and you are not.

    My source from a discussion over Shabbat is my brother-in-law, a doctor at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta who treats primarily COVID patients. 96% of all COVID patients in the entire state-wide hospital system are unvaccinated. 97% of COVID patients in the ICU are unvaccinated. 98% of COVID patients on ventilators are unvaccinated.

    You want the science? My wife is a professor at the Weizmann Institute who trains the doctors treating COVID patients at Soroka and Beilinson hospitals (and Hadassah Hospital). The vaccine is safe. Hundreds of millions of doses have been administered at the rate of side effects is lower than those for vaccines that have been around for decades. Vaccination reduces risk of hospitalization from COVID over 95%. Reduces risk of severe COVID by 99%. The 3rd booster increases immunity 8x.

    Shedding nanoparticles?! Really?! The University of Facebook, Qanon, and Google does not confer degrees in virology.

    If you wont follow the gedolim shlita, Trump got the vaccine in January. Abbott and Desantis have 3 doses. If you wont follow the Torah of this generation at least follow the golden calf.

  6. Orech Din writes:
    “Nothing anyone in any of the first 4 comments said is correct, backed by science, or backed by reality. It is nonsense. Deadly, murderous nonsense. I dont care if you think I’m arrogant or patronizing or talking down to you. I am with Rav Kanievsky, and you are not.”

    The issue is not that you are arrogant and patronizing, it is that you are wrong. I have no idea what’s happening in Atlanta, but the Israeli Misrad Habriut publishes very clear detailed data. All the numbers I stated are accurate, and can be confirmed by going to the the official Israeli Covid datadashboard (I don’t know if links are allowed here, so I won’t post one. Feel free to google it.)

    As I said:
    In ISRAEL (not Atlanta):
    1. The vast majority of Covid deaths are in patients older than 60 (96.7% in the past month)
    2. The overwhelming majority of Covid critical illnesses are in patients older than 60 (79% in the past month)
    3. As I didn’t say, at this point, about half the seriously ill patients are fully vaccinated. This percentage seems to have decreased considerably with the 3rd dose, and was higher before.

    The point is that to the layman, this article has the clear implication that the large majority of seriously ill covid patients are young and previously healthy and unvaccinated. They are not. As a physician who is involved with the care of ICU patients, I can assure you that this is not the case. At the American hospitals where I work, the large majority of critically ill Covid patients are old and previously unhealthy (and yes, unvaccinated.)

    The fact that all the ECMO patients are young and previously healthy is simply indicative of the fact that ECMO is generally reserved for the young and previously healthy, and does not imply anything about the nature of most critically ill Covid patients.

  7. A number of us simply won’t even bother responding to the deadly nonsense being posted here by a small cadre of anti-vaxers. I truly wonder how many of them will be posting a year from now since they seem totally comfortable ignoring both science and daas torah.

  8. Once again, radio silence in the article about whether or not these patients had Covid before (probably not), had antibodies/natural immunity (therefore, obviously not) and if they were given any treatments like HCQ/Ivermectin/Zinc or FDA-approved (EUA) Monoclonal antibodies (also, presumably, the answer is no to all).

    Therefore, it’s just another fawning, breathlessly (no pun intended) pro-vax propaganda piece, not actual journalism.

  9. Dora:
    It’s not Daas Torah, it’s what the Internet claims Rav Chaim Shlit”A said.

    We already saw how unreliable a medium for conveying Daas Torah that is the Internet, from the WZO disaster that preceded/precipitated Covid, when Rav Aharon Feldman wrote a letter that it is impossible that Rav Chaim was mattir this abomination of voting in the WZO despite the claims that Rav Chaim was mattir.

    Daas Torah comes from your local genuine and authentic Orthodox Rabbi who has a mesorah from a rebbi who has/had a mesorah from his Rebbi, et. al going all the way back