UPDATE: “Sleepy” Traveler Responds


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image After a picture of a man sleeping on a Frum subway traveler lit up Social networks all around the world, the “sleepy” rider has publicly issued a statement of appreciation. The Frum rider,Isaac Theil, was taken aback by the amount of publicity this simple act generated.

“I simply remembered the times my own head would bop on someone’s shoulder because I was so tired after a long day,” he recounted to Tova Ross of Tablet Magazine.

Another subway rider was so struck by Theil’s nonchalant empathy that he snapped a picture and put it on Reddit, from which it was then posted to Facebook. The following is the text that was posted:

“Heading home on the Q train yesterday when this young African American guy nods off on the shoulder of a Jewish man. The man doesn’t move a muscle, just lets him stay there. After a minute, I asked the man if he wanted me to wake the kid up, but he shook his head and responded, ‘He must have had a long day, let him sleep. We’ve all been there, right?’

He was still sleeping soundly when I got off the train 20 minutes later.

It was a small gesture, but a kind one. I love New Yorkers!”

What a wonderful reminder that every moment is a chance to do something good for another person. And not only that, but inspire the others around us with our small but powerful actions.

The stranger, Garvey Dutes, was appreciative, coming forward to comment on Facebook:


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The story isn’t quite over, as Dutes’ Facebook page reports, “I will be reuniting with the q train man to personally thank him”

“I would love for people to use this as a lesson to just be good to each other,” Theil concluded. 


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  1. Yizchok Isaak – Have a L’chaim with your best bourbon when you meet, not Canadian Club. To think that I know such a celebrity who’s photo has been seen my millions.


    In order for klal yisroel to be a “LIGHT UPON THE NATIONS”, care must be observed to going out and lighting up the world. Do you assimilate when you say ‘please & thanks you”, “put out a flag on Veteran’s Day”, offer the mailcarrier a drink, help the handicapped on the bus and leave their parking spot empty,,etc. etc. and more etc.

  3. Once we’re being ridiculous, to Chachom: Correction, don’t go out.

    Oh and by the way, if this story changed a few details. Imagine if the “Jew” were a “Chareidi” and the black kid was a “Chiloni” and this were on the train in Israel. If the Chareidi did nothing he’d be in Cheirem and if he did something, everyone would be up in arms of how can he be so rude to someone else. I think that Israeli’s should learn a lesson from this photo.