The Favorite Clothing Store Of The Gedolei Torah


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There are many kids clothing stores in our neighborhoods, but only one that is the favorite of the Gedolei Torah.

That one is Bobbie’s Place, because Bobbie’s Place is a store without a cash register.

“It is set up so that families for who have a hard time affording new clothing around the Yomin Tovim can get the shopping experience and something new to wear,” says Bobbie’s Place founder Michal Schick. “They can choose their own style, try it on, and get the boost of self-confidence that comes with picking out their own outfit that is no different than what their friends and classmates are wearing.”

Bobbie’s Place operates like a store. The chesed is invisible. Every child is made to feel like they are a valued customer.

There are no paid employees: everyone who helps out at Bobbie’s Place is a volunteer. That means that all of the money raised is used to buy clothing for frum families.

Bobbie’s Place distributes more than 50,000 new outfits and coats every year, helping more than 10,000 children from more than 2500 families.

Now, as we’re buying clothing for our own children, let’s think about the families who can’t afford those same outfits.

With your help, Bobbie’s Place can provide new clothing to thousands more children.