Israeli MDs Are Frustrated: “Unvaxxed Patients Robbing Resources From Those Who Vaccinated”

Coronavirus ward at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon (Photo: AP)

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As YWN reported on Wednesday, Israel’s hospitals are overcrowded with coronavirus patients, and shortages of ECMO machines, ICU beds and staff means that patients’ needs are not being adequately met, leading to a high rate of deaths. According to a Kan News report on Wednesday evening, a third of COVID patients who require care in the ICU are hospitalized in other wards that cannot sufficiently meet their needs.

Those vaccinated in other wards are attached to ventilators but don’t receive the intensive treatment ICU patients require, including the constant presence of staff. Doctors told Kan that “these patients aren’t receiving adequate care, which adversely affects their condition.”

The main shortage is in the number of staff members – there aren’t enough doctors and nurses and the government isn’t living up to its commitment to the health system to fund more staff members, Kan reported.

Hospital staff members are also frustrated that virtually all seriously ill coronavirus patients are unvaccinated. “All the patients hospitalized in our ICU aren’t vaccinated,” Prof. Arnon Afek, the Associate Director of Sheba Medical Center, said on Army Radio on Wednesday. “We’ll treat all of them of course but it’s hard not to feel frustrated. They could have prevented this – they’re stealing resources from people who were vaccinated.”

Prof. Afek added that “the problem in the wards isn’t a shortage of ECMO machines but a shortage of skilled staff [who know how to operate the machines]. We need more manpower.”

Dr. Erez Birnbaum, Director of Assuta Ashdod Medical Center, confirmed what Prof. Afek said, saying: “The data speaks for itself. The COVID wards are populated with patients who aren’t vaccinated – patients who in practice decided to play Russian roulette with their lives.”

UTJ MK Yaakov Asher responded to the report by stating: “This government denigrates the kedusha of life. Period. In their indifference to the current COVID wave, the heads of the government are conveying to the public that the value of life is no longer paramount in Israeli values.”

Religious Zionist Party MK Ofir Sofer said: “The hospitals are collapsing but the ‘everything is good’ government decided to close its eyes to the danger.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. First we heard that 99% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. Now we hear that only the patients in the ICU are unvaccinated… I’ll lwait a bit longer for the bigger picture to emerge…

  2. This is just fear mongering and lies
    Anyone living in Israel or following the science knows that most Israelis are vaccinated and the current wave is affecting a vast majority of vaccinated

  3. The EU has formally stopped recommending the ‘Covid vaccine’ and is standing behind 5 protocols – most of them monoclonal antibody treatments. Perhaps Israel should take note instead of chasing the dead ‘vaccination cult’.

    There is also Ivermectin, hydroxlchloroquine, supplements such as zinc, vitamins A, D and C, and many other natural remedies that have been shown to help fend off ‘Covid’ quite well.

    Aside from this, the way the ‘vaccinated’ are determined is sleight-of-hand – anyone who hasn’t kept up with the schedule is no longer considered ‘vaccinated’ – though the long-lasting immune system weakening from these shots is still affecting their bodies and conditions. Those who are within 14 days of taking these shots is also not considered ‘vaccinated’ – allowing all those injured or who die because of it to be assessed as this taken place because of other reasons.

  4. Onese overeaters, smokers and those who play certain sports activities are using medical resources, taken away from skinny people who don’t smoke or play sports that incur injuries.

  5. This article and the dr’s conflict their own statements, they claim all of the serious corona patients are unvaccinated, all of the icu patients are unvaccinated, if so, then what are they “robbing“ from the vaccinated patients???

    liars with an agenda!!!

  6. Now I understand why the above commentators are against the vaccine. You’re all ILLITERATE!

    Try reading it again perhaps get a literate person to guide you in reading comprehension.
    The article is saying that since the negligent unvacinated patients are hogging all the critical care beds, so now the other mostly vaccinated patients, who are there for other life threatening illnesses can’t get the attention or equipment they need because the negligent unvaxxed are using up most of the hospital’s resources.