Israeli Dies Of Heart Attack Due To Shortage Of ECMO Machines

Illustrative. A coronavirus patient attached to an ECMO machine. (Soroka Medical Center spokesperson)

A 53-year-old Israeli man who suffered a heart attack died last week after hospital staff members were unable to locate an ECMO machine for him since they are almost all in use by unvaccinated coronavirus patients, Channel 12 News reported.

The man, who was not a coronavirus patient, was hospitalized in a hospital in northern Israel after he suffered a heart attack. His condition deteriorated and he needed to be attached to an ECMO machine to save his life.

The medical staff at the hospital searched for hours to locate a machine but to no avail. Several hours later, the man’s condition deteriorated and he stopped breathing. Doctors tried to resuscitate him but were ultimately forced to declare his death.

The majority of ECMO machines in Israel are now being used by unvaccinated coronavirus patients and doctors are warning that very soon ECMO machines won’t be available for those who need them.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Bottom Line:- Every single anti vaxxer is a mass murderer, because if not for all these mass murderers, this 53 year young gentleman would still be living and enjoying life.

  2. Ywn how much is fauci paying you to publish your daily tirade of pro vaccinations and more importantly your constant feed of anti vaccinations. I’m sure you’re on his payroll. You’re not news you are completely biased like all the liberals. So sad

  3. What do you mean “very soon ECMO machines won’t be available for those who need them”? Very soon was, the here and now is that a man died because of the lack of an ECMO machine, according to the YWN report.

  4. Stop mentioning “unvaccinated”. It almost sounds racist. There are many “vaccinated” people that contracted Covid again. Aounds like their lives aren’t worth saving. Many people CANNOT take the vaccine and many people DID take and it worked bupkes on them.
    So no, the “unvaccinated” didnt kill the man. Make sure there are no shortages in ECMO machines.
    Wld be humane to stop referring to patients as “unvaccinated”. Sounds like “ dirty Juda”. Terrible!!!

  5. I would hate to be the doctor who has to decide who gets the machine, but surely a vaccinated, ill person should be considered a priority if the alternative candidate is someone who refused to get vaxexd.

    We need Moshiach. And seichel.

  6. Well, keep limiting the definition of ‘vaccinated’, as is being done, to mean ‘up to date with recommended doses’ rather than ‘already taken the plunge at least once’, and you can say that those being treated are all the unvaccinated. Convenient. Essentially untrue (since the Delta variant, most cases are from internally produced virus strain effects from among those who ‘took the plunge’, ‘out of schedule’ that they are). Also criminal. BigPharma narrative story. YWN should find better quality news leads than these.

  7. If the government had any backbone, they would take unvaccinated people, of any age, off ventilator machines and give them to people who took the vaccination. They should also make unvaccinated people pay for their own healthcare when being treated for Corona.